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Now I am aware that EQ2 isn’t as huge of an MMO, neither was nor will ever be, but I’ve received the same feeling from WoW’s community and Asmon’s stance on classic games and live in general that both games may be headed down similar paths as each other. Classic could be turning into something like a TLE which is initially great and everyone is buzzed about nostalgia, but then all the fun fades away as the community realizes that there’s not an identical feeling that it was in the past.

Another instance of how TLEs influence the player base of a game is Archage’s attempt to do it. Aion, however, is attempting to get players back to the original basic version of the game.

It will be interesting to see the way Classic differs from the TLEs for Everquest or the new releases of Archage, Aion. However the past has proven that TLEs in EQ2 rapidly die, and there’s less interest in expansions. This is the reason why Classic isn’t a good choice for those who are the most committed players.

DayBreak that is responsible for EQ2 but doesn’t really think at all about WoW players (aka micro transactions, p2w mechanics, etc.) and is using the game more to at attracting new and veterans to a game which has a lot of issues live, and is often stricken by numbers and mechanic bloat.

It’s hard to say what the maximum is, but I’m playing on Siel server at Aion Classic and it’s super bustling during the day as well as in the evening (I’m NA East). Fun and extremely packed with both NA and EU players. So I suggest you to join us. :)

I chose to not join after further investigation, due to the company that runs Aion. It will be difficult to keep track of my progress as im not a whale and even before i could dream in doing that , the outcome is going to end in death, most likely.

The Elyos can also be cause of grief for Asmodians living in Heiron. They even take to gank people who are cultivating Aether above a gate. It isn’t a good idea to lose the advantage that was yours.

Retail has been transformed into an entirely different game. Everything you played as a child remains there. I would not recommend it. If you are interested in what’s happening, I have listed them in my history of comments.

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 03.09.2021


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