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It feels great to work on what you spent hours achieving. I’m not the kind of person to repeatedly gank or grieve someone just trying to get shit done however, I’ve killed players who I know well are at least a level below me. I am also a fan of combating 1 vs. X against lower level players. It’s a lot of fun for everyone, IMO. It’s amusing to have 2 or 3 friends and me trying to get rid of an obnoxious purple. I enjoy the challenges of coming close to failing or getting or pushed around and saying “Wow that guy is amazing!” as much as I enjoy running towards a group of people down and thinking “Fuck! I’ve put in a lot of effort to be able to do that!”

I am a bit annoyed when players stay in a much lower level area for extended periods of time. I agree… take a look at your life. This is just nonsense and you’re not cool. Killing a group of newbies in a couple of times or in the heat of the moment in friendly terms like “Get injured kids, and one day you’ll have the ability to take on that shit as well” is completely different from “I’m going to ruin the day of this person and make them not want to play”. The latter is a sham, but it’s a negative side effect of being able to have the former. I’ll stay with full PvP any day.

It is the 5% of all the Lesser Supplements.

It is not worth the cost to purchase the supplements IMO. I own 5 pieces of gear +10ed and using the stones 30 over seldom see a failure. There have been 4 failures over the course of a single day and 80% of the time. However, I only had one failure with one piece. This happened when I was able to go from 11 to 10, before going back to 10. All of my gear had two failures.

As for your staff, at age 25, I’d purchase the level 26 bronze coin weapon. It’s blue, and comes with attack speed (which is a vital stat) and should last until you purchase a replacement around the mid-30s. You can craft one but it’s going take lots of mats, effort, and money , so don’t know if you’re ready to put in that amount of money. You can make it.

Manastones sockets that are full crit, benefits chanters most since crits have a greater the chance of knockdowns which are extremely useful in PVP as well as PVE. Continue critting until you reach approximately 440’ish (cannot recall exact soft cap). Then, if you’ve got the full DPS then you can go after to the remainder. If you can find an orange, cheap, Level 25 staff, you can utilize it when you decide to sell your coins to get more than what you paid for the staff. However, you’ll miss out on atkspeed.

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 20.07.2021


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