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That does sound similar, did he have been a part of World Wide Church of God, or one of those offshoots? They had some REALLY backwards fucked up things going on and eventually dissolved into 20+ additional market groups that are still around now.

It is a sandbox construction game… you build whatever you want to build. But that does not imply that a small kid playing the match is going to be exposed to that.

Additionally, I probably wouldn’t have watched the music video if so lots of people would not have left such a huge deal about it. These are the very same sorts of individuals who’d the parental advisory sticker put on records and shot the earnings through the roof.

I had an aunt (and uncle but it was mostly my aunt) who was dead set against letting her kids read or watch anything that was fantasy in any way. And it still blows my mind they are in their twenties and understand absolutely nothing about Harry Potter.It may also signify that Supergiant is a studio that is smaller, so just don’t have the resources to focus on more than PC/Mac and a console at a time. I’d be prepared to wager that Sony helped bring the first three games to his or her system, and it would not surprise me if Nintendo helped on Hades - the amount of effort Nintendo has spent pushing the game is a symptom of that. Whether or not that contains exclusivity deals, can not say.

Basically it appears they pick whichever is the hottest console at the time for its first release. That makes sense to me. It probably takes a great deal of development resources for a small team to support each new SKU, and realistically, how many people out there are considering indie games but don’t have a PC, Mac or Switch to perform them on? Probably not enough to make the other vents a big priority.

Whether they are able to reuse a great deal of these switch/PC cross-save function and use it to additional consoles or if they must learn how it functions for each console and program it otherwise could severely impact the work required for ports. My guess is they would only do xbox/PC and PS5/PC cross-saves, rather than something like switch/xbox such as. But if they did need to introduce console-to-console cross-saves, then that is even more function.

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 28.05.2021


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