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Fundamentally, will they attempt to appease their older crowd (who showed up in droves) or even try to change to game to make it less attractive to adults and  Animal Crossing Items much more (or just ) attractive to kids?

For me personally it is not even that, it is the next onwards profiles have limited skills. That fuckin blows and stopped me from getting the match. Otherwise I would have loved to share an island with my husband.

It’s not ideal, but it really doesn’t hamstring you like you think/people say.

Personally, I enjoy sharing the island with my wife and daughter. I certainly understand wanting one to yourself as well. As always, more options and flexibility are always better.

Yeah, if both players were equal owners and may”progress” the island evenly, it’d be OK. I’ve got it and my daughter would be the island proprietor so there’s really nothing I can do unless she goes and does the quests. It’s pretty stupid how they have it all setup.

And he’s tackling a particular point made in the report. Does he need to explore every single topic prior to making a remark?

This is obviously not a game designed toward nearly all individuals on this sub. I don’t really understand all of the hating given most people here didn’t play the previous ones or obviously are interested in a game that is not Animal Crossing.

Don’t like decorating? Don’t like speaking to villagers? This has ever been Animal Crossing. That is disliking the core of what the match is intended to be and it’s no wonder you’d hate it.

Just so absurd to watch people get up in arms over a series not intended to be their own jam.

I really don’t think that’s been the gist of the criticism at all. Folks have critiqued the sport for the ways that it deviated in the old games, not since the AC formula isn’t for players. For instance: making the  cheap Animal Crossing Bells matches increasingly more centered around the participant and less around the villagers, with less conversation variant, less diverse behaviours, the ability to control who comes and goes, etc..


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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 12.12.2020


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