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I haven’t found bots in Beluslan or Morheim It is probable that they’re using this method to get the kinah. It doesn’t need Siel’s Aura to be purchased. If I could do it single-player in 59 minutes (while having 10 minutes of this sitting around for mana) then bots can easily complete the task in less time since a 6-man stack has 0 downtime.

Bots aren’t in use since the bots that are available at level 4045 have been removed from use , and farming is more prevalent in higher-level zones. This is why you see people selling hundreds expensive materials that are difficult to acquire for thousands dollars when the average player could only afford one or two.

If you’re able to achieve it with efficiency, that’s great. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort required to account-juggling however, I personally have had a hard time with these loopholes.

A seasoned botter wouldn’t think, “Okay my first batch of level 45 , let’s take a break from all the early zones and rest until we begin with the next batch.” It isn’t possible to say that they have lost their income for a week , since they are doing both if they only do one.

Truth be told, you underestimate the amount of time that people need to spend. I went to 6 gatherings the other night and left with more than 7,000 Aether Gems.

This is one of the advantages of farming in Aion. Once you have removed the crop from its level it is possible to forget about them and focus on other tasks. For those six hours? I was playing another game on the second screen.

All this candy ranting is pointless. Every game has gold sellers during the day 1. people have always bought kinah from gold sellers. Today, prior to and in the near future. the only difference is they will pay the real cash to the developer and not the gold sellers

This. It’s pretty dumb to talk about it. In reality, I was logged into retail. It was empty today. I logged in to the traditional… and it was alive. The subscription model as well as the real money shop appear to be better.

If you want to buy it, you can access

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 31.07.2021


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