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In addition to the weapons and the boots it is rarely used because Jagex was so slow to release it (and have they made it all?). Barrows and Bandos now have better armors. Making Dragon more smithable will increase its price, which would make it more affordable and more common.

At first I thought it was sufficient. All of the armor for Ranging is nice and we don’t really require any more D’hide gear. But then I realized what was missing: Magic. In Dungeoneering and Stealing Creation, we can make use of Crafting to make Magic Robes. At present, we’re not able to craft Battlestaves. They are basically ineligible. Magic might be able to use new armor.

To create Magic work within the Combat Triangle, it would be necessary to add melee defense. Arcane Spirit Shield, the only item that provides defense in Magic Armor, is it. There are many other options like Ahrim’s robes or Lunar armor, Splitbark or Skeletal but they’re still not great. The robes don’t just comprise the base Mage armor. It’s magical the robes.

It is possible for a mage enchant his robes and block melee attacks. Bind spells can prevent an entire group from moving, so you can surely stop their weapon cutting you. If crafting was expanded upwards, perhaps at higher levels, you could create special mage robes and then enchant them using Magic or Runecrafting.

Jagex has no other skill that could be added to make it worth increasing the level to 120. However, I don’t see any reason why Jagex would want to. There are a few things you can unlock in 90s.

Extreme Potions have a reputation for their reliability. words and there’s no reason to add anything else. They could add Saradomin Elixir into their arsenal (Saradomin Beer + another ingredient that heals more than Saradomin Bew, and doesn’t reduce the stats) However, they don’t have enough space.

You don’t even need to raise the money, since there is no other way to make up the difference. Oh my! Jagex deserves my forgiveness and I may, if it is possible, be amazed by his efforts to raise Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning from 120 to include new content. However the melee option is enough and if they want to increase Magic or Rangeing as well, they’ll have to use melee. What are your thoughts you guys? Jagex should raise the cap for other skills. Should they?

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 05.10.2021


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