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Over the last two decades, information technology is developing faster. Not only this field, but all the aspects related to it are also developing at a rapid rate. This is because of the innovations and techniques that are developed over time. Various techniques are designed to serve the purpose of increasing the efficiency and output of machines as well as humans.

This might be difficult for people to understand, but Waydev makes it possible. It provides software-driven, efficient, and intelligent methods to find and increase the output the engineers world-wide. It also helps various companies to identify the output of their teams. Every company wants to reduce the losses due to the efficiency loss of their engineers, hence to make it easy, waydev is continuously providing various techniques and solutions.

Every technique is driven with the help of data collection to increase the engineers performance. The data is collected for the various Git repos without any manual input. It uses Azure DevOps, Gitlab, and Bitbucket for the research of the codebase of engineers. Waydev is working on a mission of rediscovering how different companies can track the output of their team leaders and engineers.

Waydev uses different types of tools and components that help in giving visibility to team leaders and engineers. With the help of various tools, data collection in Git repositories highlights the bottlenecks, trends, and the output of the engineers. Each technique and tool is designed to provide different approaches and techniques for measuring the output of teams and their engineers.

Various metrics, reports, and alerts that are used by Waydev to calculate or solve the issues like inefficient process, technical debt, and degrading performance of engineer’s team. Along with this, Waydev also has more products and techniques that can help in the decision-making and management of the engineers. One of them is Bird’s eye, this product gives a wide and ultra vision to increase the performance. It tells regarding the habits and regular activates of team members. It also helps in understanding the real-time output that helps in the development of work velocity.

Another product is sprint, it provides an overview of active sprints of engineers. It helps engineers to visualize whether the sprint activities are at risk or not. It also helps in determining whether engineers and team leaders are not falling due to the overload or lacking behind in the work. Conclusion Each tool, component, and technique used by Waydev is providing real-world benefits to more than 300 companies all over the world. It eventually helps in increasing the efficiency and output of engineers which can be helpful for the increased workflow. It aids teams and engineers to avoid every hindrances and milestone that came in their way while doing their work.

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Author: Waydev Co | Created at: 23.02.2021


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