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REFERENCES AND SECURITY The last thing on your mind you might think of is security. What I mean by security is really two things. How to protect yourself from a bad reference and also how to protect yourself from of all things identity theft.

MORE REFERENCES  TECHNICAL CAREERS: Technical Resumes have to be more specific than most resumes. Most recruiters and employers are looking for specific skills and experience. It is also reputed to have the most instances for age discrimination. So when you write your resume or order it in online resume writer for a technical job it is essential that you get past all the essential hurtles for the position by following the advice I gave on the other sections especially use keywords, and only use relevant skills and experience.  Many times companies hire from  contracting companies that work for the large corporation. It may be more advantageous to apply to a contracting company that works at that large company. This may also be the best route if you a older employee and the chances of being hired by a large company diminishes. Contracting companies may be more amenable to hire that employee with more experience since no benefits are involved. Try and keep your resume experience if possible to the last 10 years .

SUGGESTED KEYWORDS:  Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage, SQL other recent web development languages and tools,  QA, Network or System Administrator, Security are others that are good.

EDUCATION CAREERS: Teaching careers have always had the most specific skill oriented career.  As in technical careers age discrimination is also a issue. So when you write your resume for a teaching job it is essential that you get past all the essential hurtles for the position by following the advice I gave on the other sections especially use keywords, and only use relevant skills, certifications experience.  Try and keep your resume experience if possible to the last 15 years.  Teaching resumes should also include recommendation letters. This is the only field I would recommend sending recommendations. This is because there is less likely hood that the principal would call the previous principal and can speed up the hiring process. SOME SUGGESTED KEYWORDS:  PRE-K, Math, Special Education, ESL, English as a Second Language, Science, Elementary.

GENERAL RESUMES: General resumes are resumes with no real goal stated on the resume. No real specific job.  Such resumes are selling a potential employer on the applicant’s characteristics rather than their experiences. On these type of resumes use of keywords written through out the resume is extremely important. Emphasis of being a quick learner, independence , and being a team player is important.

SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: Fast Learner, Initiative, Dedicated, Team Player. SALES RESUMES: Sales resumes also need to show several aspects of the applicant to the employer. One of course the professional expertise of the applicant in sales. The second is dealing with what type of personality the potential employee has. This is to find out if he is a team player, independent, friendly, and good negotiator etc. SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: Quota, Sales, Exceeded, Excellent Communication Skills, Contacts, Experience, Team Player. Other types of resumes such as nursing resumes, teaching resumes, engineering resumes, and marketing resumes also have their own special keywords that you might want to add if you are creating one of these resumes

. RESUME SAMPLES / RESUME EXAMPLES / RESUME TEMPLATES: CURRICULUM VITAE EXAMPLES     There is much value to starting off with a resume template or a resume sample. But understand that is only a start. Resumes have their own personality and are designed to showcase your skills. That is why the information in this website should be combined and used with a resume sample and template to get you the best quality resume. Many of the sponsored links on this site carry templates and samples.  If your new to writing resumes or have not done it in a while then these samples and templates help greatly.

PROFESSIONAL RESUME WRITERS AND CV WRITERS:     Do you need a professional resume writer? The answer to that is that it depends on your experience in writing resumes and also the type of resume you are writing.  If you want someone to write a technical resume for example you might make sure that person has been in the high tech industry, because that person will know the terminology, and terms that will most attract a potential employer. Other careers you might want to consider a professional resume writer if you feel that you cannot write one on your own, but before you do that ask to see some of their previous work first to see if that work fits the type of resume you are looking for. But again first get some resume examples or resume templates to help you determine if you can do it on your own first. With the information in this website and the examples you will be in a better position to make sure the resume writer does a good job on your resume. Again many of the sponsored links on this site carry resume templates and resume samples.

VIDEO RESUMES  VIDEO CV’S  CURRICULUM VITAE    Video resumes are starting to become popular. This type of resume might sound very tempting , but this type of resume / CV can actually prevent you from getting a job. Here is a few reasons why. 1.    The video will show the employer what you look like. If the employer does not like how you look you won’t get hired. 2.    The employer will here how you sound, and how you think. If he does not like what he hears you will not get hired. 3.    You will not get a chance to defend yourself or try and sell yourself in person which will increase your chances of getting a job. 4.    These resumes are expensive. 5.    The resumes / CV’s will show your age thus promote ageism as a factor in your employment chances.       I would definitely stay away from those types of resumes.  DANGERS OF THE INTERNET    Another thing you need to do is to watch out what you say on the internet and putting your name on the internet. Prospective employers may search the internet for your name in an attempt to find out what type of person you are and what type of politics you have. There is no sense in taking the chance avoid it if possible.  

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Author: Vickie May | Created at: 10.09.2018


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Technical Resumes have to be more specific than most resumes.
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How can you give advice in writing a resume, If you have an mistakes in the text

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I recommend you compose a few drafts and permit yourself an opportunity to survey your work and edit for my homework In the event that you have an expert partner whose supposition you trust, definitely, tune in to what he or she needs to state.

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