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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Vedic Science of Architecture that puts down guidelines on the construction of buildings such that they are in harmony with the environment or nature. The harmony management is accomplished by managing the flow of vast energy through and around the buildings, which in turn promotes the well-being, peace, and prosperity of the inhabitants. As per Vastu for home, when buildings are in tune with the underlying cosmic principles, they become a part of the basic structure of the universe and vibrate in harmony with it. These positive vibrations are believed to have a positive effect on the occupants. People mainly spend a large portion of their time inside a building –it very well may be home, offices, shops, malls, temples, etc. and therefore, it becomes more significant than the energy produced by that place is positive and healthy.
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Author: Astro Tabij | Created at: 23.02.2021


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