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There can be an endless list of the most annoying things on earth to INTJs, but let us narrow it down to as little as possible. Here are the 9 things that are extremely annoying to INTJs.

Everybody has their own pet peeves, even the kindest person you can think of has one, trust us. A list of the most annoying things could include the noise you can hear from chewing with the mouth open, that chronic tardiness, or just the idea of walking on the wrong side of the street. Some people may not be particular with these things, but there are people who see these ‘normal’ acts as annoying, depending on the individual’s personality. Introversion and extroversion are the two main umbrellas of personality categorization, and in this article, we will focus on INTJs.

What does being INTJ mean?

Introversion-Intuition-Thinking-Judgment (INTJ) is one of the personality categories from the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, a personality evaluation tool that is commonly used to understand how a person thinks. In general, an introvert is more comfortable with being alone, and in the case of an INTJ, this comfort works for them and the people around them because most of the time, INTJs are – to be blunt – just brutally honest.

So, here are the 9 things that are extremely annoying to INTJs:

  1. 1. Constant small talk and all the other unnecessary jibber jabber
  2. If there is one thing that INTJs hate the most, that is beating around the bush. They do not want to know that today is a clear sunny day, they want to know what happened to the report you have been trying to come up with since last week. Gossips and other mundane forms of small talks are not worthy of an INTJ’s time.
  3. 2. Illogical presumptions, basically anything illogical
  4. INTJs are like lawyers for their ability to assess each and every situation logically, so, following the hate for insignificant weather talks, INTJs also hate non-sensible arguments. People with this personality type are often misunderstood as insensitive or apathetic, but that is only because INTJs tend to prioritize determinism more than the emotional byproducts of a circumstance.
  5. 3. Overly emotional presence
  6. Again, it does not mean that INTJs do not care, it’s just that emotions are uncontrollable, and we can all agree that reason can be handled better than overreaction. Furthermore, it is a fact that emotions can clutter sensible judgment, what more if one is overly emotional? INTJs are rational beings by default. Approaching an INTJ with a blown-up emotional state is definitely one of the things to avoid if you want a normal interaction with this type of introvert.
  7. 4. Incompetence, inconsistency, and inefficiency
  8. The INTJ anger is best pictured by incompetence, inconsistency, and inefficiency – we all know what this means. Since INTJs may have developed a hobby of setting solutions to problems (even for the problems that are not there yet), they are hell-bent to eradicate all loopholes to avoid mistakes, and if an authority is incompetent, inconsistent, and inefficient, then that will surely hit the wrong button.
  9. 5. Unnecessary rules and prohibitions 
  10. INTJs love to safeguard peace and orderliness and that is through proper rules and regulations – efficient rules and regulations, that is, hence, if there are questionable prohibitions, you will never hear the end of it, especially if it hinders the betterment of the situation and the people involved. What’s the trick to this, then? Let them formulate the rules.
  11. 6. People asking for an opinion and getting offended by it
  12. INTJs appear like they are emotionally unavailable, however, the truth is they are simply analyzing your problem without any bias. Each problem is different for every person, and the best way to address that – at least in the mind of an INTJ – is looking at it objectively, rather than subjectively. Now, if you want emotional support, then please immediately inform your INTJ friend, so they can adjust their approach to you.
  13. 7. Random physical contact
  14. If random talks are torture to INTJs, what more is a random physical contact? Do not get it wrong, INTJs are also cuddly human beings, but only to those who they fully trust. So, if you know that you are just a notch higher than a stranger, please do not attempt to initiate any physical contact aside from a firm handshake. You can give them a mini heart attack with an awkward hug.
  15. 8. Noise
  16. INTJs hate noise, but who does not? They are thinkers in nature, and noise will never be a good element for them. If you are someone who is more comfortable to be in a noisy place, try to befriend an INTJ so you can appreciate silence.
  17. 9. Repeating what they just said 
  18. If there is one thing that we are sure about, INTJs work better with silence making them brilliant listeners. As a result, they expect you to listen to them well, so if you did not catch what they just said, then you just might have given them a negative impression on you. Being a good listener is a key trait of every INTJ, and let’s face it, we all want everyone to listen well whenever we are saying something important.

This list may give an idea that INTJs are the kind of people that are inapproachable, so let us say it now, NO – they are not. In fact, if there is someone that can listen to you all day without saying a word, that is someone with an INTJ personality. Also, take a little step back and read through the list. Doesn’t it apply to everyone? INTJs are like most people too, only they are more particular to facts rather than opinions and emotions. So, do not get them wrong, because an INTJ can be the most honest person you know.


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Author: Teresa Williams | Created at: 15.03.2019


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