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Despite the new tendencies, the traditional 9 to 5 office job is still the most common. The number of offices is enormous and it is hard to imagine their proper work without an office manager who organizes the whole process. If you are punctual, to focus attentive to details and have amazing administrative skills, you have probably thought about becoming this superhero.

There is no reason to hesitate. It is a good idea to start with professional CV writing service reviews and find an actual resume or CV writer. Then you may use this simple guide that will lead you to your desirable job.

Relevant Education

The first employer’s requirement is a job-related education. It is an advantage if you have a degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or Management. If you are still a student it would be wise to choose one of this as your major in order to find an office manager job in the future.

Otherwise, it is possible to take some courses to obtain a certificate that proves your excellent administrative abilities. On the other hand, for some employers, a high school education is more than enough, if you have a lot of experience.

Experience Is an Advantage

Your potential chances in job seeking will be greatly increased if you are already familiar with office procedures or with administrative responsibilities. An assistant or secretary position usually implicates similar tasks, such as organizing, scheduling, maintaining equipment etc.

It could be a part-time job, volunteering or internship, but mentioning this in your resume will be a great bonus.Starting with a less serious administrative job will allow you to become sure that this suits you and to gain the necessary skills.

Necessary Skills

While you are studying or working at an administrative job with fewer responsibilities to get an experience, it is fine to focus on developing certain skills. The general principle is multitasking with a great accuracy. The majority of the office manager’s tasks require the ability to work in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

This skill is crucial for planning, making presentations and scheduling. It is also necessary to be ready for handling correspondence and phone calls. Organizing, controlling and monitoring skills are important, but you need to remember that you work with people. Thus, developing of excellent communicative skills has to be one of your main goals.

Ready for Challenges

The majority of candidates try to explain why they like the job. To stand out you can mention the unpleasant things too. It can show your deeper understanding of the job and readiness to face the difficulties.

An office manager is constantly interrupted, but he needs to stay focused to complete the job in time.The tasks include interaction with difficult personalities and disorganized people. Everything has to be planned, but there are suddenaccidents like blackouts or broken coffee machine that need to be handled too. If you convince an employer that you are ready for this, you will certainly make a good impression.

Where To Find?

Once you have the necessary education, experience, and skills, you are fully prepared for a job of the office manager. The next thing that bothers you is probably where to find it. Luckily, the area of search is not limited at all. The officer managers are needed at any company that has an office. It could be a small business, government agency or charity organization.

The potential employers could be legal, architecture, engineering firms, IT companies, science organizations, security services, banks, social work organizations, transport companies, public utilities providers, media companiesetc. It is better to choose something related to your interests to make the future job enjoyable.

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Author: Tara Crow | Created at: 12.04.2017


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