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How to setup wireless security settings on Asus Router?

Asus router setup and configuration is a quite simple task using or All you have need is to follow our guidelines carefully and hence get access to unlimited internet browsing, gaming and HD streaming. ASUS routers are best k...


Asus Lyra Voice Setup |

Even without a PC, you can set up, manage, and diagnose your network with the ASUS Lyra app. Turn on your Lyra hub and attach it to the ASUS Lyra app to get started. After you've filled out your Lyra network details, click Connect.


about 1 month refused to connect

If you are unable to open using your device's web browser, we recommend that you follow some simple troubleshooting measures that will enable you to access without difficulty. When visiting, you may...


about 1 month

Asus Router Login |

For ASUS Router login through IP Address we need to first make a proper connection with the device, now we will be able to access the ASUS router GUI. For performing this, we will first need to do the initiation of the web browser application or the app tha...


about 1 month | | Aus Router Login And Setup

It is required to access your Asus router login page. This will get you access to configure it’s setting and control its functions. But there are some basic steps of using your Asus router. This process can be difficult especially when you do not belong to ...


2 months

Asus Router Login | Asus Router Setup |

First of all you have to connect your Asus wireless router to your laptop’s LAN port with an Ethernet cable, To get to Asus router login web page follow these steps: Open Chrome browser or any other you desire to. Within the address bar put your route...

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