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Many kinds of research across the world have shown that air pollution can cause serious and long term negative impacts on the heart, lungs, nervous system, brain and respiratory system. According to a report, more than 3 million deaths across the world happen every year due to outdoor air pollution. In order to control this severe issue, lots of nations have implemented different laws and policies for air pollution measures. Like if we see in the big and highly-polluted cities like Delhi, Beijing and others are facing the big impacts of air pollutions, pollens and dust particles due to various reasons. So, strong policies are required to improve air quality. By using bicycles, electric vehicles, we give our contribution to decreasing pollution. However, it is not natural in the life of people living in India. So, what is the best option to safeguard you from pollutants available in the air? The best and handy solution is a nose filter mask. These devices are easy to use and pocket-friendly. Everyone can easily access face masks. It is suggested to use the best quality nose filter masks while riding bicycles, public places and working in industries. And if we see the present situation during COVID-19 then we can see that the whole world has accepted the importance of using pollution masks. Risk factor and its reduction We know that pollutants are made up of gases, dust, chemicals and fine particles. Gases incorporate sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone along with a wide range of volatile organic compounds and chemicals. While gases are very harmful and its latest example is the gas leak in LG Polymer plant of Vishakhapatnam Odisha. More than 11 people died due to harmful gas. So, we should be very careful and informed regarding the negative health impacts of gases and particles less than 2.5 mc. So, nose filter masks help prevent or eliminate air pollution touch? It should not be a question now. The ability of masks to prevent exposure to air pollution is very high. However, every mask has its protection factor and security layers, so you have to take as per your requirement. Don't think you can't be the person who is untouched with infectious disease. Be careful and now COVID-19 has given a new direction to the whole world regarding the importance of face masks. Your selected mask should be capable to provide you best-in-class protection and offer you the filtered air as well as should fits tightly on your face. Adequacy is diminished for particles littler than 0.3 microns – microorganisms are bigger, yet infections and many fine particles in engine vehicle outflows are littler. While N95 covers don't expel hurtful gases from the air, they can be joined with features, for example, enacted charcoal that likewise decrease presentation to gases. Basic paper dust masks are to a great extent pointless with regards to reducing air contamination exposure. But, some cheap HEPA filter masks can be viable in constraining introduction to fine particles, especially those known as N95 respirators since they have an assurance factor of 5 and so can sift through everything except 5% of particles. These masks are increasingly costly and care should be taken to distinguish which gases they filter and how successfully. Limitations and Considerations Using an invisible pollution mask to decrease air-pollution and pollen exposure can be troublesome for some people - as they might feel uncomfortable in wear, breath and other issues. It may be possible you feel claustrophobic in these masks. Additionally, a face mask or nose mask is effective only if it offers easy to use, comfortable wear, fits tightly on your face and gives quality air to the user. Indeed, these ultrafine particles add to the poisonous quality of airborne particulate issue, however their main motto on how the particulate matter and pollens is presently stays indistinct. Also, while our exposure to air contamination is normally more noteworthy outside, we spend by far most within recent memory inside, where we're likewise presented to air toxins, including fine particles and gases. Since invisible pollution masks are only here and there worn inside, utilization of indoor air cleaners that have molecule and gas-separating capacities will give protection from toxins in our air. Don't think that if your exposure to the polluted air is short it doesn't matter. A short exposure to the polluted air can also creates increase in blood pressure, heart rate, creates cardiovascular and lung inflammation changes. A beard or unshaved man can't get the required level of quality air while wearing these devices as the mask will not get fit perfectly on nose and mouth. With all these factors we can say that using nose filter mask is very vital. You can visit Clenare to buy the best quality face mask as per your requirement.
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