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If you know anything about IT, you’ve probably already heard a bit about ITIL. Amongst other things, ITIL has been used by many big corporates to greatly improve how they do just about everything. While this is all well and good, you may be wondering about whether or not working for an ITIL certification will actually benefit you. After all, just because something is good for an organization doesn’t mean it will provide any positive results for an individual. So let’s look at why a ITIL certification will give your career a serious boost.

It Sets You Apart

Despite how popular ITIL is around the world, by getting certified, you’ll immediately set yourself apart from any competitors you may be going up against for a job. While there are all kinds of ways you could distinguish yourself from the rest of the field, ITIL certification is a very real, recognizable thing that tells employers you have a toolbox of very lucrative skills.

Furthermore, if you went through the certification process on your own during your free time, it shows true initiative, another quality that never goes out of style.

ITIL Is Becoming Required

That being said, as the market continues to favor employers, they can continue to make greater and greater demands. Where companies use to be all-too-happy to pay for their workers to get ITIL certified, they can now require that applicants already have their certification before they are even considered.

Every Industry Has Adopted It

While ITIL was once associated almost exclusively with IT companies — that’s no longer the case. These days, ITIL is even used by several companies where they’ve low to high IT dependency to improve client satisfaction or reduce the SLAs.

So if you’re worried that ITIL certification will pigeonhole you, know that it will actually do the exact opposite by giving you a resume that will be well-received across various industries.

ITIL Means Savings

No company ever wants to spend money unnecessarily. However, that’s especially true these days as we’re still crawling out of a recession. Although ITIL may represent different things to different people, just about everyone associates it with savings.

Apply to a job with ITIL certification and your potential employer will know you are able to reduce their overhead. Aside from the obvious benefit, this could also mean a bigger paycheck for you, seeing as how you’re going to be saving them money.

An Affordable and Valid Asset

Unlike a lot of ways to allegedly improve your career, ITIL is beyond reproach. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to boost your career prospects without paying substantially more in the process.

An ITIL certification is simply never going to go out of style. Begin the path to receiving yours today and you’ll benefit for the rest of your life.

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Author: Suhaan Kkhanna | Created at: 03.08.2017


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