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Here you will know about online gigolo jobs and how it is different from a traditional one. You will also get a brief idea on Indian gigolo club.

Nowadays you get a lot of options for online call boy service. With these increase in demand, the requirement for gigolo escorts is also growing. To compensate these demands a lot of escort companies are giving playboy job ads either in their own sits or in other online platforms. Call boy jobs not only help you to live a rich lifestyle but also gives you chance to meet high profile ladies of your area. It does not matter if you are living on a big city or small city, online call boy services are available everywhere. It is true that you can make a lot of money within less time from a play boy job. But the main problem is how and where to apply.     

Online gigolo job

With the growing popularity of online gigolo jobs, most of the gigolo limited company having their own websites. These agencies make use of their websites to highlight the profiles of their gigolo escorts. Here you get a variety of call boy options to choose from. By using these websites you can choose your favourite call boy and fix a meeting with him. Agents of the India gigolo service pvt ltd companies are working day and night to help you to hire your first ever escort.

Why to apply online gigolo job in Mumbai?

You can find both online as well as offline gigolo jobs in Mumbai. Then the question arises why to choose an online platform rather than an offline platform? I have tried to answer the question.

No need for referrals –Applying online male escort job in Mumbai never needs any referrals neither from an escort nor from an Indian escort service gigolo company.  If you are going to start your career as a play boy, then online play boy job is the only option where you can get your clients and will learn a lot from different gigolos already working in the same escort company. These agencies have their own people who work day and night to help you in your call boy work. The only thing that you have to do here is to register yourself by just filling an online form. Make sure you give all your original details while filling.  

Easily accessible- It is quite easy to access call boy sex services as compared to the offline services where you generally find involvement of a lot of third parties. Most online call boy service in Mumbai help you to get all the details of the Mumbai male escorts and also here you get lot of varieties.

Safety- Safety is very crucial for both the clients and the escorts who are in the escort business. Mumbai playboy faces a lot of cases where their safety as well as their client’s safety is compromised. So finding a male escort Mumbai through online is more secure than from the offline sex market in Mumbai.

Are you eligible for an adult job?

Eligibility should the first priority before applying for any job. Every Indian gigolo club has set their own rules and criteria to hire a call boy. I have listed some of the common requirements than an escort should fulfil to join these clubs.

  • Communication is very much required to become a professional Mumbai playboy.  This will help you to know your client’s emotions and give a clue to you about what she expects from you. If someone really wants to start his carrier as a call boy he must be compatible with both English and Hindi.
  • The most important thing is a person’s attitude. To start a carrier as a professional gigolo, the person should be well mannered and decent before any one he meets.
  • The candidate applying for Mumbai play boy job should have a proper dressing sense. They can be to any occasions. But as a professional rentmen he should know what to wear and what not to.  
  • A proper hygiene plays a crucial role in achieving success in a call boy’s life. He needs to be clean and hygienic and should always maintain a proper diet Candidate should not be addicted to any kind of bad habits like drugs or alcohol.
  • Candidate must not be affected by any sexually transmitted diseases. Mumbai gigolo club often demand latest medical certificates from their escorts before they send them to any clients.  



Now a day’s many are hiring independent male escort Mumbai as they provide the most unique sex job services and maintain a reputation in the industry. Most of them are quite young, beautiful and Horney. They will never compromise their playboy job for their personal matters. So if you want to experience best gigolo service in India then Mumbai is the best place.

Whether it is about becoming a professional gigolo or to hire a call boy, you should have a proper knowledge on them. If you are really interested and eligible to join a call boy job then visit Desireplayboys. ,




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Author: sonali kar | Created at: 18.11.2020


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