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In this blog you will get to know about the best play boy services available in Mumbai and you will also know why Desireplayboys is the best playboy service provider in Mumbai.

Call boy jobs provide the best opportunity to earn a better lifestyle as compared to other jobs. Here you can earn a lot within less time. Mumbai is known for its rich culture and unity in diversity. People from different parts of India come here for a better living. Because of these there has also been a high demand for call boy services in Mumbai. A lot of high profile ladies in Mumbai usually spend a lot to hire a male escort Mumbai to satisfy their sexual desires. 

A brief on call boy jobs in India?

A gigolo boy is someone who satisfies the needs of high profile ladies and gets paid in return for his Indian gigolo service. Most of the call boys prefer providing their call boy service in five star resorts, hotels and premium nightclubs.

Sex clubs in Mumbai

You can find a lot of sex clubs in big cities like Mumbai. These clubs contribute to play boy job vacancy in Mumbai to which a lot of people apply to start working as male escorts Mumbai. If you are really interested to apply for gigolo jobs in Mumbai then you can directly visit the websites of these clubs and register yourself. There websites are quite user friendly and you will have a lot of options to find your favourite escorts.

Responsibilities of an escort company during a call boy booking

Nowadays a lot of people are becoming Bombay escorts. This has given rise to a lot of competitions among these escorts to get high profile clients. In this competition escorts re using various methods to get their set of clients. Most of them are joining Indian gigolo Private limited company, where they get clients very easily. To make things simpler, Gigolo club Mumbai have also started their own websites where they highlight the profiles of their professional escorts.

  • Gigolo join this agencies because they get a lot of benefits. I have listed out some of them.
  • Indian gigolo club pvt ltd companies do a proper medical test of Indian escorts Mumbai before sending them to meet their clients. Mumbai male escort go through physical, psychological and laboratory tests before and after meeting with their clients.
  • Indian gigolo private limited always take care of all types of legal actions against their escorts. They make sure that escorts they are hiring neither have any type of criminal records nor any kind of involvement with trafficking.
  • They always take care of their escort’s health as well of their clients.

Why there is a high demand for call boys in Mumbai all over India

With people coming from all over India, there has been a lot of demand for play boy job in Mumbai. Because of these high demand escort agencies are hiring professional call boys who have at least few months of experience in this field. They expect a call boy to be very friendly in nature and always ready to put extra efforts as per the client’s demand. You can expect best call boy jobs skills from Mumbai escorts as compared to escorts of other cities. You can expect world class call boy sex service from them. They are slightly expensive than regular escorts but they will never compromise with their call boy work.

Why to join DesirePlayboys in Mumbai?

DesirePlayboys is the one of very few escort agencies in Mumbai that provides free male escort jobs.It has the largest network of premium escorts in Mumbai. It has a professional team to provide fast, efficient and discreet services between their members and clients. I have listed some of the reasons for DesirePlayboys to be the best among all.  

  • They never share either their call boy’s data or any of their client’s information with anyone.
  • Their escort’s profiles are verified and safe. Post registration you can easily get the call boy job number directly from their profiles.
  • They have experts who work day and night to take care of all spam and frauds that usually happen in the escort industry.
  • They provide 24*7 Customer care assistance for their clients.


So now you must have known why Mumbai escorts are quite popular not only in India bit also outside India. Now it’s your call whether to apply for a call boy job or not. For any further information on call boy jobs you can visit Desireplayboys.




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