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In this blog you will get to know why Mumbai is famous for its best gigolo market in India and what is the minimum eligibility to get a gigolo job in Mumbai.

Call boy jobs provide a better standard of living as compared to other jobs. Here you can earn a lot in less time. It also gives you a chance to meet high profile ladies of your society. Call boys provide their best call boy sex services to this unsatisfied ladies to fulfil their desires. Seeing this demand for call boy services, escort companies are giving call boy job apply online free registrations. You can directly apply for call boy job vacancy in these escort companies.

Mumbai is the second most populous city and the biggest business hub in India. Millions of people visit this place in a hope to get a better living. It has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires among all the cities in India. Here you can also get many unsatisfied married and business ladies looking for men to satisfy their sexual fantasies. Because of this there is a huge demand for male escort jobs in Mumbai.  Because of these there has also been a high demand for call boy services in Mumbai. A lot of high profile ladies in Mumbai usually spend a lot to hire a playboy Mumbai to satisfy their sexual desires. 

Who is a call boy and what is his role in India escort industry?

Someone who satisfies the needs and desires of high profile ladies and gets paid in return is called a call boy. Nowadays it has become very simple to find a call boy and hire them for our pleasure. Most of the call boys companies often provide call boy details to their members. You can also find call boy numbers directly from different classified ads or in different social media platforms like twitter. It is not so easy to find the details of the top Indian escorts in Mumbai. You can find their details only after booking them. Even they never use their personal numbers for any interactions with their clients.

Mumbai sex clubs

Unsatisfied married women and business ladies have different questions like how to get sex in Mumbai, Is it legal to hire a male escort, How to choose an escort etc. I have tried to answer some of these questions. You get a lot of male escort jobs as well as male escort service in Mumbai. There are a lot Independent escort in Mumbai who have their own rules and guidelines and choose their clients. You can find escorts providing sex dating Mumbai in reputed bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs. Many escort companies have their websites where you can apply for male escort jobs in Mumbai. You can directly visit these websites and register yourself.  This websites will also help you to choose your favourite escort. As here you get a lot of options with a variety of their escort services.

Role of an escort company during a call boy booking

With a lot of people joining male escort job in Mumbai, there is a rise in competitions among the local escorts in Mumbai to get high profile clients. In this competition escorts are using various methods to attract clients. Most of them are joining companies hiring call boys to provide escort service boy job in Mumbai. These companies are helping this escort to get more number of clients. These people never disclose any details of their escorts or anything regarding sex place in Mumbai where both their clients and escorts meet. Male escort Mumbai joins these agencies because they get a lot of benefits. I have listed out some of them.

  • Companies do a proper medical test of male escort Mumbai before sending them to meet their clients. In male escorts job in Mumbai gigolos go through proper physical, psychological and laboratory tests before and after meeting with their clients.
  • Agencies always take care of all types of legal actions against their escorts. They make sure that escorts they are hiring neither have any type of criminal records nor any involvement with trafficking.
  • They take care of their escort’s health and their fitness.

Why there is a high demand for call boys in Mumbai

With people coming from all over India, there has been a lot of demand for dating jobs in Mumbai. This will help you to become a professional call boy in Mumbai. Because of these demand escort companies are hiring professional call boys. As a beginner you should know some of the call boy job apply procedures. You can get the Mumbai call boy number directly from different sex websites. You get world class call boy sex services from them. They are slightly expensive than regular rentmen but you will never regret if you have hired them.



So now you must have realised why Mumbai escorts are popular all over India. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to become a call boy or not. For call boy job details you can visit Desireplayboys.





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Author: sonali kar | Created at: 20.11.2020


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