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Here you will get a complete idea on major health problems of an Indian male escorts and what other social as well as economic challenges faced by them.

Due to the increase in competition among gigolo men, the vulnerability to different kind of diseases has increased.  To avoid any kind of pandemic situations, precautions are being taken in every part of India. The most affected in Indian male escort services are those who provide male escort service in return for some money. Most of them don’t prefer using safety components as according to them the use of these things reduces their client’s enjoyment during sex. These gigolo call boys have the maximum chances of getting affected by the sexually transmitted diseases as they are more likely to engage in physical relationships with strangers.

Who are call boys?

Call boys are someone from whom you can expect all types of male escort services in India. They are quite professional and know how to satisfy high profile unsatisfied ladies. Most of the high class girls and business women hire them to fulfil their sexual desires as they feel secure with them. Indian escorts often exchange sex either in return for monetary benefits or non monetary benefits. Non monetary benefits include drugs, food, medicines etc. Most of the time girls hire this male escort directly from male escort site.

Types of health problems for a normal working call boy in Chennai 

Every male escorts in Chennai either new or old have both social and health problems. But I have highlighted certain major health problems that a male escort in Chennai usually gets affected by.  



A person gets affected by a sexually transmitted disease if he is having a sexual contact with the affected person. These types of diseases are deadly in nature. Till now there is no complete cure available for the diseases. There are many diseases which are sexually transmitted. I have enlisted some of them






Due to heat and extreme weather conditions in Chennai, most of male escorts in Chennai develop a type of bacterial infection in there genital parts. Chennai escorts do not develop any type of symptoms in this type of diseases. It is sometime very difficult to identify these diseases. If left untreated it can lead to serious complications and ultimately death. It also affects a new born child of a mother who already is affected by the disease. For most of the time doctors ask pregnant women to get tested and treated for potential STD’s. Escort companies always ask for his medical certificate from a person applying for call boy job in Chennai.   


HIV or AIDS is a type of sexually transmitted disease which has high risk of fatality. It completely damages our nervous system which makes our body prone to other viruses and bacteria. Most of the male escorts in Chennai with this disease either quite profession or commit suicide. To prevent the spreading of this deadly disease, every male escort in Chennai must use protection while having affair with their partners.

Prevention challenges

Rentmen while doing their gigolo jobs in Chennai are completely unaware of these sexually transmitted diseases. This unprofessional behaviour make them prone to high risk diseases. I have mentioned some of the prevention challenges faced by many while providing male escort service in Chennai.

Lack of proper data

Collecting data of the gigolos doing male escort job in Chennai has always been a challenging job anywhere in the world. It is in fact impossible in India as most of these things are considered illegal. In most of the cases the escort service in Chennai is provided at unknown places. This adds to the miseries of these male escorts as they remain in the shade of fear and diseases.

Socioeconomic factors

People providing gigolo escort service are either directly or indirectly prone to many social as well as economical issues. Poverty, lack of proper access to healthcare and other amenities pose a challenge for many Chennai escorts. Most of them are also unaware of possibilities of several health problems they can face while they are in a gigolo job Chennai.  

Sexual Risk Factors

The popularity of male escort services have lead to large number of playboy job vacancy in Chennai. This has lead to an increase in negligence in their play boy services. Most of them have started doing sex without protection. Use of protections becomes mandatory while having a sexual contact. It helps to prevents exchange of many of the deadly diseases.


Even though this all health problems exist, reputed male escort agency never compromise with the normal standards of providing sexual favours to clients. They do a proper screening of both the clients and escorts before they meet each other. So it is always recommended to hire a male escort through an agency rather than trusting on independent escorts. For further information regarding the call boy jobs  and to know the steps to hire a premium call girl refer to Desireplayboys.    


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Author: sonali kar | Created at: 19.11.2020


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