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Here you will know about 4 most common bad habits of play boys in Mumbai and how to avoid them.

With the growing demand of male escort service in Mumbai call, there is a lot of competition among call boy. This has resulted in negligence of play boy’s health.  Some have also started doing overtime to earn more profits and get more clients for them. But this has some serious consequences. Most of the time call boys Mumbai get affected by sexually transmitted diseases and have to end their call boy career. Even there are cases where gigolos collapse in their call boy work as they could not bear a lot of stress.  

How to find a male escort?

Today finding an escort has become an easy task. Ladies from high class societies book their favourite escorts from some reputed websites where they have a variety of options to choose. Seeing this every Mumbai escort agency is starting its own websites where they will highlight their escort’s profiles. You can find a lot of play boy vacancy in Mumbai by visiting these sites. Post registration their team will verify you first and will provide your favourite call boy phone number. These playboy companies have further divided their escorts into different categories which could help a cline tot book her escort according to her tastes and budget.

Gigolo in Mumbai place has lot of bad habits which in future make him prone to different fatal disease. I have listed some of them below.

Compromising on the safety measures

The best escorts Mumbai never compromise their safety to earn more money. Nowadays escort agencies in Mumbai are cancelling call boy license of the escorts who are found neglecting their own safety as well as of their clients. They will never be able to provide any type of male escort service in Mumbai.  It has been made mandatory in big cities like Mumbai to use protections while having any type of sexual interactions. It prevents exchange of deadly diseases between male escort Mumbai and their clients.

Showing bad manners during meetings with the clients

You often find an escort either misbehaving or using abusive words if any disturbances happen between them and their clients. Escorts develop these bad habits while working in male escort jobs in Mumbai where they deal with different type of clients. These escorts are often treated as slaves and people always have a bad attitude towards them. No one show a positive attitude towards escorts doing sex jobs in Mumbai city. They often treat them as slaves. But for a skilled escort it is always important to behave properly and professionally with their clients irrespective of their natures.

Over working to earn more

People in the escort industry often work day and night to earn more money. Because of this playboy job salary in Mumbai is generally higher as compared to escorts in other cities. Mumbai rentmen usually over stretch their working hours and take more stress and pain while dealing with their competitors. They have to compete with their colleagues in order to stay in their male escort jobs in Mumbai. The working hours again increases for the escorts providing independent sex jobs Mumbai as here escorts do not take any help from dating club in Mumbai. They find their clients, screen them, make proper meeting arrangements, make deals with them and search for more referrals.  

Having sexual relationships with almost everyone

Professional escorts do not have any freedom to choose their clients. Anybody paying them for call boy sex services is their client. They never had any scope of rejecting them and dejecting proposals for services which are impossible to provide in their call boys jobs. Because of these many people prefer becoming an independent escort as they have their own rules and guideline s and they are not bound to listen to any agency or middle man. For these reason there is always a call boy vacancy in Mumbai in many of the escort companies. But it is a very rare thing to find an escort belonging to a Mumbai escort agency selecting her clients. As they work for money they are considered as slaves and are bound to have an affair with anyone who has paid them.


It is always better to avoid this bad habits right when you start your career as a call boy. But if you are still repeat these habits it will be very difficult to get clients and to remain in Indian escort industry. For more information on Call boy job India and for free registration visit Desireplayboys.


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Author: sonali kar | Created at: 19.11.2020


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