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On the morning of November 16th with the launch on the real-time keynote statement on ExileCon, we shall release 3.9.0 Expansion for December. Although we simply cannot disclose the full details in this release at this time, you want to give you an overview of the upcoming extensions.

We find the latest version with the terminology extensions like Legion and Blight given that they add new content like skills and things to the exile, and POE Trade will include a complete challenge alliance. 3.9.0 includes the regular content expected from the standard Path of Exile, and also some extended content from the scope on the game that’s not related to the Alliance itself. It is bigger than any other Path of Exile released in 2019.

Although we simply cannot share additional information about the league at this time, we can tell you that it has a good balance between risk and return, incredible endgame content, as well as the flexibility with the server,is reduced.

Besides the above leagues and extensions, 3.9.0 includes new item rewards offering interesting new character-building options and fresh meta-games. We will also concentrate on the balance with the bow, however, the scale of the improvement is different on the spelling and Buy POE Orbs melee changes we did recording. The extension can also include all the ordinary divination cards, unique items, innovative skills, etc. you are used to within the Path of Exile.

We currently are ready to release a PC version of 3.9.0 on December 7 (Saturday) in New Zealand (a console version is going to be available inside the second week). We will announce the ultimate date along with other information concerning the extension on ExileCon. Also, ExileCon attendees can play a few.9.0 demo at the conference.

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Author: smrt smith | Created at: 14.10.2019


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