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In the S7 season of exile, especially the enhancement of legal skills, more people are willing to use the chaotic genre to open up wasteland. Besides, some classic BD collocations are equally useful in the new season. For example, summoning the spirit with the Necromancer is very good. Here is a road to exile. S7 Necromancer Summon BD recommended.If you need POE Currency when you play games, then can meet your requirements as quickly as possible. Path of Exile S7 summons BD to choose what This set of bd is playing with the spirit plus zombies pure physical melee flow, based on the call to change, now the melee baby has better efficiency, and the ability to play the king speed brush is quite good. T15boss is about 3 seconds in the non-transition stage. I believe that everyone who has played Yuan Dao will understand. Zombies are only to provide clearing efficiency, the essence is still Yuange brother, don’t ask if I can play 18 yuan to fight, this can be played. The cost is C goods, but the upper limit should be very high, can reach several thousand E. The attribute stream should be understood.If you want to buy POE Orbs, is your best choice. This helmet is the focus while providing the output and defense mechanism, every five points of force equals one percent of melee physical damage, and 1000 power is converted into 100inc damage of the summoner. It is far stronger than the bone-inducing injury but gave up. A large number of POE Orbs, in fact, and the normal summoned Yuan hit brother hurt five or five. I feel that there is nothing to say about clothes. It is spirit clothes. The magic can be changed. It can be a bird clothes. The effect is good. 75 Fully attribute Reduces the pressure on other parts. Giving up a spiritual output is not necessarily inferior.  

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Author: smrt smith | Created at: 18.10.2019


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