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If you are interested in researching deep into the path, you will need a build that can handle the content. No matter how powerful your build, you will die after a hit. You can avoid this by using another method of construction, simply accepting everything and killing it in a hit.

If it is hit, it will die. This makes depth 300 even more dangerous, but allows you to handle depths of 4000! This is the build used by all the most in-depth explorers in the Blight League. If you are going to delve into Infinity, let’s dive in! If you need POE Orbs when you play games, then can meet your requirements as quickly as possible.

Construction concept

As I mentioned, this build is based on a health condition. Your energy shield can also be ignored. This is done by using chaotic vaccination on the tree. Having CI allows you to fall from the chaos of chaos. On some research paths, this is important because the zombies you kill will lick the ground, which will kill you without confusing immunity. This is just another decision to abandon the traditional defense and turn to pure avoidance.

There are also traditional ways to avoid and dodge. By using acrobatic phases, high-definition equipment, jade pots, and shrine-modified boots, you can easily increase the chance of dodge, making the dodge chance much higher than 50%, and giving the mob only 10-20% chance of being hit, depending on the specifics For your equipment. This is a small opportunity, and defense cannot rely entirely on it. Most of the rest of the defense comes from brute force.If you want to Buy Exalted Orb, is your best choice.

Because you don’t have to increase your life or increase gear resistance (your resistance is also 0%), you can easily shoot damage through the roof. Once you are hurt by nuts, you can shoot through the mines without getting too close to the mobs. With huge damage and a high chance of freezing, you can walk most of the road unscathed.

The last line of defense came from the addition of a frost wall. Although not particularly useful on the path, using a frost wall at the end of the node for actual combat adds a lot of defense. Shooting the area, you will be able to complete most activities without any problems.

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Author: smrt smith | Created at: 19.10.2019


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