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Let’s commence with the most expensive thing: the bow. For this version to be effective, you would like an agile stacking bow. These items can be done using a forming bow of item level 75 or maybe more.


The mod you do need is “every 10 agility deals X to X Frost destruction of the attack.” You want “20% opportunity to deal double damage”. It would be great when you could combine both of these modifiers. Do you want to get the cheapest POE Currency in the most convenient way? Come to Here are plenty of game items for you. This is done through The use of changes on the basis, to enable you to have several other modifiers as you’re able, to modify it too many times and add element penetration to improve frost damage/freeze and increase frost damage. (ideally). To pick the full bow and arrow, you may receive 25 Exalts treasures. It would be cheap to own no double damage modifiers, but you are going to need to upgrade sooner or later. The next expensive part would be the ring. You will want to focus on “The Cursed Enemy in the Assassin’s Mark of 12”. This can be done by making at the very least 80 shaped rings. Ideally, you may need an opal or engagement Ring with that ring. If you want to Buy POE Currency. Don’t hesitate, is definitely your best choice. You can then modify it more than once to destroy it to the greatest extent possible. A very cheap second ring could be the seal with the elders. You should enchant, nevertheless, the Scourge Arrow will launch another pod when fully charged, there is however no need to start building. Your amulet is going to be Marylene’s paradox with soft-serve ice The rest with the equipment is all you can get with good damage and high dodge chances.

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