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With the arrival of Christmas, GameMS also prepares preferential surprises for players. As a Western traditional festival, the celebration is inevitable. If you are still looking for Madden Coins, then you are welcome to visit the GameMS website, which is a game website dedicated to game lovers. Whether you need game skills or cheap MUT 20 Coins, we can meet you.

EA continues to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NFL with its Madden Ultimate Team Top 100 program. Week five added four unprecedented wide recipients: Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, and Larry Fitzgerald.

Each player comes in three different versions: Power Up, Basic (85 OVR) and Centennial (95 OVR). To get the Centennial version, you need to put together 25 weeks 5 NFL 100 basic players.

All four players are excellent and it’s hard to argue what’s going on, because Jerry Rice, Larry Fitzgerald, and Randy Moss are in most of the top five in the major leading receiver categories. Most Madden players may not be familiar with Steve Largent, who played between 1976 and 1989. Although he is not necessarily the most well-known recipient of the game, he still has one of the top ten touchdown scores.

It is reported that Steve Largent has retired and become the historical leader of the NFL, taking the lead in receiving (819), receiving codes (13,089) and receiving (100). He was also the first player to get 100 touchdown passes and was one of only 10 passers. It can be said that Largent is tied with Rice, Fitzgerald, and Moss.

Moss is a deep threat with the Mossed 100 capability. It can greatly improve the success rate of more than 50 yards of active capture regardless of the coverage. Please note that it can no longer be guaranteed, but I’m sure he still dominates.

Madden 20 Ultimate Team can now use all four players. Make sure you also complete four new top 100 solo challenges, each of which earns one of the player’s power-up items. After completing all four challenges, you will be rewarded with a fantasy pack, choosing one of the 85 OVR basic versions for four players.

When you open the GameMS website and want to Buy MUT Coins, you will be attracted by our offers and services. We win the recognition of our customers with the highest service quality and we look forward to your joining.

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