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Since it consumes maps when used, it does not consume amulets and rings, so as expected, this is the highest consumer of oil. It is basically the Hummer of the “Destroyed”. The reason why the withered map is the most consumed by oil is almost certainly because they are consumables, so the player will eventually apply the modifier multiple times.

Green oil is the most commonly used oil on the withered map. This oil makes 2 soaked boxes lucky. This is up to you, but the keywords are not new, so this is a good starting point! This soon became the community’s favorite. You can buy the cheapest Path of Exile Currency on MMOAH, don’t miss it.

If we normalize the oil according to the weight of the oil, we can better understand which oils are used for their actual benefit, not just because of their universality. We see that the blue-green oil is once again the top oil used on Blighted Maps.

In terms of quantity, the amount of oil used on a withered map is much higher than in a masterpiece or ring. This makes sense because the withered map is consumable, so you need to use oil on it often, while others are more permanent.

In The Withered Map, almost 60% of all consumed oil is done, the famous person consumes 26%, and the ring demon consumes only 14%. The low percentage of ring enchantment consumption is unexpected, but can give us some advice. You Buy POE Currency on MMOAH, saving you a lot of time, keeping you safe, and then buying the exact players you need makes sense. This shows that the magic of the ring is not strong enough or too professional.

Gold oil is mainly used for famous people, probably because popular famous people often need them, and their use is permanent. The same is true for silver and milk oils (two rare oils).

Not surprisingly, the cyan and crimson oils are used the most on the withered map due to the “lucky box” modifier used by many players.

When we normalize all fats according to their rarity, we find that the total rarity consumed by the oiled amulet is higher than the withered map, although as time goes by, as more players get their amulets, we expect this to happen. They will never be replaced by a larger proportion of the withered map.

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Author: smrt smith | Created at: 15.10.2019


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