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What is happening to the climate? Why such dramatic changes? It scares me a little…

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Author: Sku Tufik | Created at: 04.09.2021


Anastasia Tarasova about 1 month

Scientists from have confirmed the connection as well as the influence of human activity on climate. Changes in the atmosphere, the ocean, and the land are related to anthropogenic factors. It is estimated that widespread and rapid changes have occurred in the atmosphere, the ocean, the cryosphere (the frozen part of the globe), and the biosphere.

Numerous pieces of evidence point to an unprecedented level of climate change in human history. Between 2011 and 2020, global surface temperatures were about 1.09° C above pre-industrial levels. Temperatures are now comparable to levels last seen about 125,000 years ago during the last interglacial, when the Greenland ice sheet was smaller and sea levels were probably 5-10 meters higher than today. The concentration of CO₂ in the atmosphere (410 parts per million) was last this high at least 2 million years ago.

The climate crisis is accelerating. The last five years (from 2016 to 2020) have been the hottest on record since at least 1850. Also, the rate of sea level rise has almost tripled since the 1901-1971 period. Moreover, over the past 10 years alone, the melting of the Greenland ice sheet has accelerated six times over the 1992-1999 period, and the Antarctic ice sheet has almost tripled.

We are witnessing more and more serious weather anomalies. In their report, scientists were able to provide evidence of the relationship between extreme weather events and human influence on the climate.

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