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How I can improve my communication and persuasion skills 

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Author: Sku Tufik | Created at: 14.09.2021


Here are some points that I think might be helpful in improving your communication skills!

Try reading more books and following the author's expression. Start learning new words and their proper usage to make your conversation more effective and vivid. Conversation. Don't see conversation as a task, but do it as an interest and enjoy it. Sometimes it happens that a person has good language skills but lacks the confidence to express themselves, so carry your confidence. Engage in a healthy discussion. Make a phlegmatic smile a habit. Smiling keeps your mind calm and gives you the confidence to make a good impression. You can also learn communication and persuasion skills here I think it will be useful for you

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Alan Badoev 5 days

I think these skills will come in handy for me, too. I, too, have difficulties in communicating with people.

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