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I can’t find a game I’ve seen recently. I don’t remember its name. It’s so sad.

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Author: Sku Tufik | Created at: 17.09.2021


Anastasia Tarasova about 1 month

I've often had it that I couldn't find a game because I didn't know the name. I typed it into a search engine at will, and very rarely could I find what I was looking for. I started to look at conferencing about games. I looked through a lot of different ones and found a lot of cool new games, and also miraculously stumbled upon the games I was looking for. There are conferences on different games, it's better to search by subject. You can try to look at this conference , it's a more general conference about different games.

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Alan Badoev about 1 month

Finding a game among millions of games is difficult, especially if you don't know its name. Do you even remember the plot? You can still try to find something based on the story. Or you can flip through catalogs with games like . But I think it will take forever. I always look for games in reviews. On the subject you can find a lot of reviews

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