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Do we need TV news? I think there are a lot of lies on TV. I’m skeptical about TV news

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Author: Sku Tufik | Created at: 17.09.2021


An neeta A about 1 month

Now there is no need a TV to get news. There are many online media that help us to get up to date news hours all the time. Brand Building Story Of Aisha Nikole I think it is the best and easy method for us to scroll all the latest news for us.

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Alan Badoev about 1 month

Few people nowadays watch the news on TV, me among them. I think only grandmothers watch the news on TV. But I don't agree that the TV news is full of lies, rather they don't tell you a lot of things, because television blocks a lot of things, unlike the Internet. There are more fakes on the Internet. But I, for example, watch the news here , and I haven't noticed any fakes.

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