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All people take up the new year’s arrival from the last of the month of December. When the new year starts, everyone expects prosperity and progress. But today we will tell you that if you start the new year well then the whole year will be good. So let’s know how the new year can be auspicious.

To make auspicious on the first day of the year i.e. 1 January, most people visit the temple, some worship the recitation. Know which solutions will be your fate on the first day of the year?


  1. First, to know how to increase the prosperity in the house, first, pour water in copper lote and give a little saffron pulse. After that, this water is offered on Shivlinga. Chanting Mahadevya Namah Mantra 108 times while pouring water.
  2. By doing this measure, your financial hardship will be overcome. First take the silver lota and fill the raw milk in it. After this add sugar, curd, ghee and honey to the milk. After this, pledge to Panchamrita Shivaling. Chanting Maan Rudrayai Namah at the time of offering Panchamrta, please chant 108 times.
  3. If possible, provide five to five kilos of wheat to any poor person. By doing this you will be blessed with the blessings of Mother Annapurna.
  4. Shivaji’s vehicle Nandi, which means feed any bulls to the green grass. Any cow can also feed grass or roti.
  5. Prepare the rising sun in the bowl vessel with jaggery and vermilion in water. This measure will be auspicious for success in your job.

Nobody is unaware that the women of the house are considered as Lakshmi of the house. On the first day of the year, the whole effect of what he wears what he wears falls on the house. Let me tell you that on the first day of the year, the ladies of the house should wear red color.

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Author: shikha sharma | Created at: 03.01.2019


swati jain 8 months

Very effective post, it's give me new ideas on my life.
Black Magic Specialist Babaji

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