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EDB is an abbreviation for Exchange database, a file format used by Exchange Server. Recently several users are moving towards Outlook to fulfil the modern working environment needs. You may know that Outlook only supports accessing PST files if you’re familiar with Outlook. Hence to open EDB files in Outlook, one need to convert EDB to PST format with an automated EDB to PST converter tool. 

To say, you can convert EDB to PST using the manual method, but there are several loopholes in them. 

Shoviv EDB to PST converter

It is an automated tool coded by professionals and for professionals. The software is developed using an advanced algorithm that effectively recovers corrupt EDB files and enables users to convert edb to pst. format. Some of this tool’s features are as follows:

  1. Allow users to add and convert multiple EDB files in a single go. 
  2. The software has no bar on adding large size EDB files for conversion.
  3. Users can preview the added EDB files data before converting them into Outlook PST format. 
  4. Shoviv EDB to PST converter allows users to eliminate unwanted items from the conversion process. 
  5. The software is compatible with all Exchange Server and Outlook versions. Hence you can convert EDB of any size and access the converted PST file in any Outlook version. 


Last but not least, Shoviv offers a free variant of the tool that allows processing the first 50 items per folder. 

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Author: sasha walker | Created at: 21.03.2022


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