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As some point in everyone’s life we all have the opportunity to be close to some certain people, we dine and wine together and we might even visit notable place together and before we could even think about it we will start addressing them as a friend. Have you ever taken your time to think about who your friend is; they say our friend determine the kind of person we are, have you taken time to study who you can address as a friend?

A friend is someone who is able to get your back always, someone who will be your friend through thick and thin. Someone who is ready to fight your battle like it’s there’s. When you are going through any challenges a good friend will send a positive quotes in the midst of the night just to make sure you are fine. Here are few quality of a good friend.

Trustworthy: One of the essential factor of a good friend is someone who is trustworthy, someone who you are able to say all your personal stuff to without a fear of been betrayed. Someone that you can run to regardless of the circumstances you are facing at that point in time. Having a trustworthy friend is like having a small mother, you will be happy to share your happy and sad moment with them.

Dependable: This is also a great factor of a good friend, someone who you can leave your personal stuff with, someone you can give your spray key without the fear of been betrayed. A dependable friend that you can even hand over the most important things in your life to. A dependable friend is a great factor you should look up to while choosing your friend.

Caring: You should also look at this element while trying to make friend, look for a friend who is caring and is ready to sort your need like there’s, someone who will walk miles just to be with you. A friend who is happy when you are happy and a friend who is sad when you are sad. Get yourself a caring friend and trust me you will be very happy.

Self confident: Having a self confident friend will also build your own confident. When you make friends with someone who is not confident it will affect your own confident too. Make sure you look into this attribute while choosing your friend.

Non judgmental: Some friends are judgmental, they look for mistakes in whatever you do and trust me they can never be satisfied with your actions or deeds, this kind of people no matter how much you try, they will never be pleased. You should make friends with people who doesn’t even pay much attention to your flaws, they are the type of people you can find happiness in.

Supportive: One of the quality of a good friend is someone who is very supportive, a friend who care for your needs and who is ready to fight battles for you. Someone who will not leave you in the middle of any crisis. Standing by your friend is a great way to make them happy.

Good listener: A good listener is also considered a good friend, someone who is able to listen well and advice their friend according, these kind of friend will even wake up in the middle of the night to listen to your heart desires. They are the type of friend who will not judge your mistakes but instead advice you against the future occurrence. Having a great friend is a great strength.

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Author: Sarah Reyes | Created at: 07.10.2018


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