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To me marriage is like a bed of roses filled with happy moments and great experiences which can’t be trade for silver or gold. I met the love of my life, Desmond on a sunny Sunday morning while I was coming from amusement park, I was somehow exhausted and aggressive, I was looking forward to get home in no time so as to get a cold shower and rest for Monday work.

On getting to my car park I saw a tall, dark and huge guy staring at me, Desmond look is enough to make any lady want to stare but I couldn’t stare more than twice cause of the stress I had on.

As I was about to move my car, someone notify me that I had a deflating Tyre, I was mad because I was going through a lot of stress already, as I was about moving out to probably get means to fix my Tyre then I saw the same handsome guy staring and moving closer to me, I was perplexed, I couldn’t talk nor move, before I know it he is right in front of me and he immediately said can I be of help and I answered of course, he immediately went to his car which he parked opposite mine and brought out the things he needed to fix the Tyre, I watch him fix the Tyre and my heart was beating very fast. I couldn’t understand this feeling but I knew it was something beyond the ordinary.

Immediately he finishes fixing up my deflating Tyre, I went closer to him to say thank you and of course he said Not to mention and in a cool and collected voice he asks if he could get my digit so we can probably meet again, I was beyond happy to give it out and that’s how we started talking on phone and soon we met for dinner. I later get to know that Desmond is not only cute but he has a loving and good heart. Our relationship moves from cordial friendship to something greater called Love.

We were together most times and we often attend to each other needs like we are one. I remember quite well, it was on September 2016 a day after my birthday, Desmond invited me to a dinner not knowing he was actually planning to propose and getting there I saw a nice atmosphere filled with romance, immediately my instinct told me something great is going to happen, before I sit I saw Desmond on his knees with a shining diamond ring, I was extremely happy and couldn’t contain my joy, immediately he ask if I was going to marry him I said a big Yes.

I was happy I ran home to share the news with my family and before I could realize we are happily married. My marriage with Desmond has been my biggest joy and my morning are always beautiful knowing that Desmond is part of my life. Below are few things Desmond does every morning that makes my day bright.

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Author: Sarah Reyes | Created at: 23.10.2018


Sarah Reyes about 1 month

A peck: He gives me a nice good morning peck which makes me happy. Every morning he wakes up before me and wakes me up with his fresh breath and a sweet peck on my cheek which is one of the best way he says good morning to me.

A Good morning text: He sometimes send a good morning text to me which brighten my day, he tries to make the messages look very romantic which can’t make me stop loving him more everyday.

A homely hug: A nice hug before I step out in the morning which often gives me a sense of security that his heart is mine.

Sweet prayer: We pray together every morning before steeping out for the daily activities.

Surprise flowers: I sometimes receive a nice flower from him as a surprise in the morning which often put a smile on my face and its also a great way for him to prove his unending love for me.

Breakfast in bed: My husband often spices up our marriage with a nice breakfast in bed which is one of the nice ways for him to say good morning to me.


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Patsy Moore about 1 month

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