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Here I am going to narrate the journey of a famous escort who changed her fortunes through escorting and leading a luxurious life.

No one in this modern world could be judged according to their mindset. Being a journalist I thought it’s always been fun when you expose someone in front of the world. Since childhood, I have been taught that hot girls sex workers are a curse for society so I did always had a bad impression of them. While joining as a journalist I promised myself to expose the house girl sex workers and I do succeed but after knowing the reality I am having the question on my that have I won or lost?

How Can We Define A Female Escort?

There are two kinds of humans on this planet, one who needs happiness and another who provides happiness, well in that case we can list call girls Kolkata in the happiness provider category. The call girls are those who spend quality time with people to provide them happiness in exchange for financial support. The call girls sex worker are also one of the main reasons for decreasing the crime rate in India. Below we are going to know about the past of the call girl service worker.

Past Of The Female Escort:-

Every person has a mixed past but in this case, the Bhilai girl had the worst past. Being a topper in her school time also she was a dropout student due to the drinking habit of her father. Her father never contributed a single penny to the family. So before joining as a desi call girl she worked as a shoe polisher, which was not that sufficient for her family. 

Having a dream of studying more still could not make up to the mark to save some money for study made her frustrated. The wait was no longer as she met one of her old friends who worked in an Indian call girl company who was owning a bungalow of her own. 

Meeting Her Old Friend:-

It’s always amazing while meeting an old friend. But the lady was amazing while looking at her old friend who looked so rich unknowing the fact that she is one of the best Kolkata hot girls who earned a lot during her service. She was eager to know about the reason behind her sudden development. Her friend did not refuse as she came only to convince her to join as one of the escorts in Kolkata as the lady was pretty as well as hot and wanted her to join as well.

The Moment She Realized The True Fact:- 

The moment her friend disclosed that she works as one of the Bangalore call girls and wanted her to join as well she stood up and went away without uttering any single word. Actually, she was shocked and had very little knowledge about sex in Delhi. After learning about the service she denied joining the service. 

How She Joined As A Female Escort:- 

Joining as call girls Bangalore was not her choice at first due to her family issues and mother being tortured by his father she joined. She had no contact number of her old friend. With some little research by typing call girls near me, she found her friend’s contact as her friend was one of the Independent escorts. She helped her in joining but advised her to join an agency as the Independent call girls number were spread and they used to get many spam calls through which hiding their identity became difficult.

Her Fortune Changed:-   

Within some period she enjoyed the call girl sex scene and earned a huge amount of money. She gave her mother a peaceful and happy life as she earned a lot in this profession. As it is said that joining as escorts in Bangalore can fulfill all your desired dreams you have ever seen off. But in the meantime, she helped many poor girls in their studies too. She did many noble things for society and kept her mother happy always.

I noticed her and exposed her in front of society. I had no knowledge about her past or anything else. Many people came to support her too. The thing I had in my mind has changed: escort service is one of the reasons why the crime rate is a little low across the country most people need someone by their side for physical happiness or spending some quality time. Still, the case was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. If you want to know more about her you can also visit Escort service India.      


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Author: Tapaswini Das | Created at: 06.02.2021


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