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Here I am going to narrate the life story of being a female escort and the ups and downs I faced through this job.

Every job including call girls job has its own pros and cons in society. What society thinks I don’t care all I do care about is that how it affects me in this modern world. For 3 years I have been paid as a call girl job which is 10 times double what I was paid during my private job work. I did have an ideal job the salary I got was not sufficient during these days and the pressure of work was also too high.

My First Step Into The Job:-

I never thought that I would be joining as Bangalore call girls. It was quite busy schedules of mine as after work I used to hit a gym no matter what happens as it was one of the passions I followed for many years. Everything was going in a smooth matter but at the moment I lost my job and everything scattered in 2 months I finished my all savings and came into depression then I decided to join in a call girlfriend relationship where I used to date single and lonely boys either to make jealous their ex-girlfriends or to make them happy.

A Step Ahead:-

It was quite a boring job repeatedly I used to date many local men through which I could not even hide my identity some came across me in my daily life. Joining hot girls sex work was not my first priority. But while I dated one of the richest men he directly asked about joining his agency and work as a highly paid Bangalore escort and he promised that he would take care of my identity and all.

My First Work As A Call Girl:-

Initially, not many dates as a Bangalore sex worker was disturbing however energizing I have a high sex drive and am pulled into more established men and once I got settled with requesting a figure in advance, it began to easily fall into place and I enjoyed being one of the high paid escorts in Bangalore. After that, I moved to Kolkata.

Work As Kolkata Escort:-

As a call girl in Kolkata, I as often as possible acquire multiple times more than the day rate in my ordinary work. I used to accompany the males who could hire me for a higher price and demand was also quite high. Joining as one of the Kolkata call girls gave me everything of which I ever thought of.

The clients used to hire me from Kolkata escorts agency take me to supper and we’ll discuss our lives, or we’ll see a film or do karaoke, and engage in sexual relations. My bookkeeper records my work as an elective treatment, and that is quite precise. So regularly what these men truly need and need is somebody to hear them out and sooner I was one of the most demanded call girls in Kolkata.

Downs Came In My Life:-

While the monetary objective keeps me working as a sex house girl, I was tired physically but mentally I was in peace due to the huge amount of money I earned I bought a bungalow by working as house sex girl savings. Soon after the owner of my agency died due to a sudden heart attack. I was totally scattered didn’t have any clue soon after I sold my Bungalow and went to Delhi for working as an Independent Delhi sex worker.

Life As An Delhi Independent Sex Worker:-

It was easy hiring call girls in  Delhi as by clicking only on call girls near me one could easily find us. So hiring rate was quite high I enjoyed partying and having physical contact with my clients. Sex in Delhi was at its peak point while I joined as an escort in Delhi so I earned a lot after joining Independent sex worker in Delhi so everything came in balance. Due to the spreading of escort girl no. I joined an agency for my privacy.


Above was the story of my life the main advantage was that till now earning huge money is being in a peak point. You can meet new people in high places which you would never think of. It is enjoyable to work I enjoy the moments I have been with my clients but if you are Independent escorts sometimes it’s cruel as the call girl name and number would not be hidden and the escorts would get many fake calls too. So the agency is one of the best places to join in. If you want to know more you can visit Escort service India.

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Author: Tapaswini Das | Created at: 11.02.2021


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