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Now you are going to know about the amazing difference between the lifestyle of a female escort then vs now.

In India, there is a lot of demand for Indian hot girls sex workers. It has been a changing phase so do the lifestyle of the callgirls. Not only escorts every human has been changing in his dressing style, hairstyle, and all. So in this blog, we are exactly going to talk about the change in the whole lifestyle of Indian real sex workers which includes their dressing sense, food, living style, and many more.

A Short Discussion On Female Escorts And The Time Everything Started:-

As we know that Indian sex girls workers are those who exchange their bodies in return to get money. But not only for physical pleasure hiring female escorts can be done due to many other reasons too like dating a call girl or take them to a party and many other reasons. The call girls service started from the day when rulers used to hire desi girl sex workers when queens used to go to their father’s palace. 

The change in dressing style:-

Previously whole body covered dress was worn by the best Indian sex workers as they were the secret kept of the kings and the Britishers. They wore a saree and covered their faces in previous times. Independent escorts in Mumbai started wearing a dress with little bodies covered which is one of their advertising strategies. This was a change as with time hiring escort service Mumbai girls became legal and the demand increased and in modern times people hire those escorts who have a decent look and figure.

The Money They Earn:-

The call girls Mumbai are living a royal lifestyle as we all know that. They earn a lot of money through escort services as they are well trained to keep their client happy. So there are numerous clients who hire escort Mumbai numerous times for physical pleasure. So the escorts a lot of money the more number of times they are hired by the clients. Mumbai call girls faced a slight loss during the pandemic period but gradually they recovered the loss due to the agency’s safety measures started for the clients.

The Food They Eat:-

Food is one of the important factors in escort service workers’ life. Previously during the ruler times, food was not an important factor as they worked as a dasis which means the escorts had a lot of work to do. But now the Independent Mumbai escorts are maintaining calories and hitting a gym to look good and have a decent figure. The hotter figure a Mumbai independent escort would have the more number of times they would be hired.

The Way Of Talking:-

Now the Mumbai escort agency trains their clients for having seductive talking as it would attract clients. Moreover, there is a medium known as phone sex in which the Mumbai escorts services workers have to talk in a seductive way as the clients hire them for that only. Previously kings were superior so they had only the rights to talk so the escorts had no choice rather than keeping silent. The escort service in Mumbai earned money during the pandemic as the way of talking was perfect for the escorts.

So from the above blog, we concluded that there is a lot of changes if we compare modern escort service Mumbai and past escort services during the time of the rulers. It’s all about the comfort zone and typer of happiness that a client wishes to have and the escorts always stay with their faith. So the clients are always happy be it in rulers time or in present time so if you want to hire or know more you can visit Escort service India.


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Author: Tapaswini Das | Created at: 24.12.2020


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