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Here we are going to know about the life history of a Kolkata escort, about how she joined this profession to how is her life going on during the work.


Not everybody in this modern world could standout and say that yes they work as a sex house girl worker. Hats off to the lady who agreed to an Interview and pleaded that she would say every possible truth which would be asked during the Interview. The lady with us is pretty enough to take anyone’s heart and she maintained herself with a good enough hygiene diet. So she is one of the most demanded ladies for a call girlfriend relationship. So below are some questions which are answered by the lady:-

A Basic Difference Between High-end And Low-end Escorts?

As per the escort:-

I define this in one word that’s class in hot girl sex work. I worked for an agency that takes some percentage of the amount for the service I give but two things that were most needed and they also took care of our safety and privacy. Now call girls near me click can help you to find the female escort but it’s quite impossible to know are they high end or low end. A high-end house sex girl would always charge a high amount whereas a low end would charge a reasonable price. It all depends on looks and quality of service.

Any Terrible Stories  You Were Threatened?’ 

Of this, she said: “I have been blessed and not had a lot of awful encounters. I have quit seeing two customers while working as call girls in Bhilai and there is one who I may need to quit seeing: 

A person brought into my lodging during Delhi sex days. I showed him out, advised him to take his stuff with him, didn’t take any cash from him, and he has been prohibited by the call girl agency. 

I had seen a person a couple of times and he disclosed to me the account of his better half getting some answers concerning him seeing me and a different call girls. He was beginning to consider me to be an answer for his life issues and he was going downhill quickly. I can’t and will not be important for somebody annihilating their life and I won’t gain by it. I have quit seeing him and left sex in Delhi. 


Do Men Always Hire For Physical Satisfaction Or Else They Have Some Other Ideas Too?

“One thing this calling has encouraged me during Bangalore call girls days  is that  there is nothing of the sort as ‘most men.’ Every single individual is extraordinary and fascinating in their own right,”. 

“I have had more youthful guys who are unpracticed and need to learn about Bangalore sex work. On the off chance that I needed to make any speculations, I would say a great many people need to feel extraordinary, interesting, and that they matter. A lot of people need to talk after and inform me concerning their lives. A few people totally hire escorts in Bangalore to date and we go out and it is the ‘GFE’ or sweetheart experience. I had one person come in (who simply needs ) and says ‘I have seen which men spend genuinely and monetarily on their ladies. You are a lot less expensive and significantly more gifted.’ 

So truly, it depends. It is tied in with offering support to a customer and ensuring everybody wins out of the circumstance.”

How You Came Into The Escort Agency?

It was a touch of interest from the start truly… I was dozing around a great deal before working as a Bangalore escort. I was messing with a companion and said ‘with the sum I am I ought to get paid for this.’ The thought just kinda developed from that point,”. 

“The cash is fabulous. I did my examination into it and found an agency in my city with great surveys and that has been doing business for quite a while. My representative and I plunked down and discussed it. In the end, it just seemed well and good, and I have no second thoughts. I truly appreciate what I do, I will meet truly intriguing and different people….and I make extraordinary money after I got an escort girl no.”

Are There Any Particular Kinds Of Rules For Your Clients?

After joining as a call girl in Kolkata I made some rules for my clients which were already told by the agencies before the clients hire me:-

First of all, I never support 69 as I hate the physical pose so I excluded this while hiring. And the last and most important thing is that no force you can’t force me to have an extra physical pose that you haven’t paid for while hiring from Kolkata escorts agency.

Are You Married Or In A Relationship?

Yet I am unmarried but have a long-distance relationship and he is a sweetheart as he knows everything about me. Keeping away the fact that I work as one of the Kolkata call girls he loves me a lot and he does support me for everything I love. I don’t know about the future but in the present, I got the best man.

So it was our immense pleasure we had her during our question and answer conversation and she did answer everything politely. In the end, I wanna say that everybody has their own choices so if working as an escort makes her feel happy so she should do that though whatever it takes forgetting about the fact what everybody would think. So if you wanna know more you can also visit Escort service India.

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Author: Tapaswini Das | Created at: 16.02.2021


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