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If you want to train for a long period at the same spot you are able to take with yourself noticed wines and use general shop trick to produce unlimited food source from it. Simply simply sell all your entire wines generally shop near bandit camp and purchase as much of them as you want when you run out of food during your training.

This procedure will probably unnote sold wines so you can use them without running into the bank that is far further than typical shop. You won’t need more gold than 200gp for a carpet ride because you will acquire enough gold for wines from the bandits that you pickpocket. Since Pollen Reach is not influenced by desert heat you do not need any water resource.

Another sure thing about the list of concerns that you will need is armor along with other parts of gear. Bandits can hit quite hard and if you won’t manage to knock your goal down, they’ll be attacking you until you depart the region. Be sure that you catch a decent set so amount of this food which you will use won’t be too high. The less hits you choose, the less food you need to eat. If you’re engaged in a fight against a bandit, running away is generally the better option than a struggle (if you don’t have very high combat stats and you can complete him without wasting time).

When it comes to additional items that can make your life simpler, you might even bring gloves of silence - that they won’t improve your chance to blackjack or to pickpocket. After successful blackjack they will give you another percent on a successful second effort of pickpocketing. In addition to that bracelet of regeneration may be a wonderful addition because it recovers players health by 1 for each moment. Matters like Rogue Equipment, Ardougne Cloak and Dodgy Necklace won’t be neccessary here.

Where To Begin. Now you know on the way best to blackjack and you are equipped to perform so you can start your training. Head to the Shantay pass where you can get in the Magic Carpet ride. Ask the NPC when he can take you to the Pollnivneach at which you’ll discover bandits. There are three sorts of bandits which you are able to meet from the camp: bearded bandits in white outfits are fantastic for level 45 thiefs, shaved ones in the white outfits should be robbed after attaining 55 level and people in fancy crochet outfits are for specialists with Thieving ability over 65. You can recognize easily how all the bandits looks like by inspecting him with right click.

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