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How To Resolve Linksys Router Fluctuating Internet?


Now that you know the possible reasons due to which Linksys ea6900 keeps disconnecting from internet, you can try the below-given troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue.


  • Adjust the Maximum Transmission size (MTU)- The MTU basically specifies the number of packet size that is permitted in the internet transmission. Therefore, you should determine the proper MTU size to get the most of your Linksys network. 


  • Reducing Wireless interference- If your Linksys ea6900 router fluctuate internet, you can try reducing the wireless interference to the router.
  • 2.5 GHz inference- If your router is running on the same frequency as your cordless phone or other devices, it could affect your wifi signals. You can change the router channel to 1 or 11. They are the non-overlapping channels and prevent certain interference issues. This will help if not getting constant Wi-Fi connection on Android or Mac device.
  • Physical obstructions- Your Linksys ea6900 router drops WiFi due to physical obstructions such as walls and floors. You can try to place your router at a different location for a better signal coverage. 

Can’t Fix Linksys WiFi Dropping on Android or Mac? Talk Linksys Router Login Experts 

  • Placement of the router- It is recommended to place your Linksys router at a higher location. Make sure you leave a distance of 2 feet between the router antennas, wall and ceilings. If you have a multiple floor house, then place your router on the upper floor. The ideal location is to place the router in a central location.
  • Check the surroundings-Make sure your router is away from metal objects, area with a large concentration of water (Such as water tanks or aquarium). Keep your Linksys router away from the electrical equipments such as television, microwave ovens, etc.
  • Power cycle the device- If your internet connection is not stable, you should power cycle your device to fix the issue. 


Go through the following steps to power cycle your Linksys router.


  1. Switch off your Linksys router and computer.
  2. Do not turn them off for one minute.
  3. Turn on your router.
  4. After 30 seconds, turn on your computer as well. 


Follow Above mention steps if your router keeps disconnecting every few minutes. Otherwise, go for advance troubleshooting:


Advanced Steps To Fix Linksys router dropping Internet Error


Linksys router dropping Internet Error


Customize the wireless settings of your Linksys 


If your Linksys EA6900 AC1900 WiFi constantly disconnects, this could be because of default wifi settings. It is recommended to change the wireless settings of the router.


You must sign to Linksys Router Login using to change the wifi name and password of your network. It is advised to use WPA or WPA2 as your security type.


Update Linksys EA6900 router firmware


Even after these tips if your Linksys ea6900 router fluctuates internet then you should try updating the firmware of your device. You simply need to download the latest firmware of your Linksys ea6900 router from Linksys support website. Or, you can simply update your Linksys router firmware automatically by getting into setup wizard.


Still, Wondering Why Linksys router keeps dropping Wi-Fi? For Quick Solution, Do contact experts


These troubleshooting tips will resolve your Linksys ea6900 slow internet error. However, if still, your Linksys ea6900 keeps disconnecting from internet, you can contact our technical team. They will provide you with some more tips to get rid of the Linksys issue. You can simply do a live chat with them. Or, you can call on their 24 hours accessible number.

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Author: router settings | Created at: 09.01.2021


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