ManagementMania AppMania EduMania JobMania BusinessPages Are you getting purple light on Orbi router or magenta LED light flashing on Orbi WiFi system? It is one of the most common issues faced by Orbi users. To solve manually using or login. Here are some of the possible reasons due to which you see purple or magenta light on Orbi router. 1) Purple or magenta LED can light up due to the most common reason i.e. internet network issue.

2)The main reason behind Orbi router magenta light is Orbi router fails to sync with satellite.

3)Internet wiring or fiber cable has some sort of wear and tear.

4)Your Orbi wifi router has come through multiple issues and it is running some system diagnosting processes.

5)Magenta LED on Orbi router may even come if there is some issue in the internet connectivity from the end of your internet service provider.

6)The RJ45 ethernet cable is not inserted firmly into the WLAN port of your Orbi wifi router.

7)You may see Orbi router flashing purple light if there are some changes in the configuration of the wireless router.

8)Even longer hours of inactivity or idle wireless network make you encounter these types of issues.

9)Crashed or obsolete firmware also play a considerable role in preventing you from using the wireless network of the Orbi wifi router.

10)Your Orbi wifi router may be having some infected files that probably get inside its system when you download the firmware from an untrusted or unsecure website.

11)Viruses and malwares can also incapacitate your Orbi wifi system from functioning in a normal way.

12)Maybe the Orbi wifi router you are having has come through some serious defect. You may want to get it replaced from the manufacturer or retailer from whom you bought the Orbi wifi system. If you want to know more about Orbi Login just do live chat on live chat window .

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Author: router settings | Created at: 05.01.2021


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