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Is it possible for Indian Astrology to predict when any relationship of the marital alliance will face difficulty or go sour? Can Janam Kundali by date of birth free predict divorce? The answer to this astrological question is often yes!

The progressions, as well as the transit, planetary positions, and the various energies, can affect one’s life to some great extent. Some important aspects that need to be considered are the individual free online Janam kundali of the person and the composite charts between the couple for predicting break up or divorce.

The reason behind divorce: Janam Kundali predictions

The reason behind taking a divorce could be indefinite and it is likely to be mixed upon what makes those people fall into that relationship in the first place. From Janam Kundali analysis, the sun sign has an important role in determining the fate of any kind of relationship.

It might be the reason that the person and his or her spouse might be astrologically two entirely opposite people which could lead to a failed relationship. The intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects of any couple if not matched as per their Janam Kundali free can cause troubles in their paradise. A careful study of the composite and dynamic association of the planetary arrangements and signs of both the people is required to make such a decision.

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Houses and Planets Responsible For the Divorce

If Sun, planet Saturn, Rahu, and Mars are placed in a malefic position, then there are high chances of separation in a marriage. There are two other planets too which are quite significant and very important while predicting divorce, i.e. planet Jupiter and planet Venus.

  • In Janam Kundali by date of birth or natal chart of a male native, The planet Venus represents Wife and if in case the planetary positioning is afflicted or weak then there are extreme chances of marital disharmony leading to separation.
  • In the case of the female natives, Planet Jupiter indicates husband and similarly, if Jupiter is weak or malefic then it creates tiffs in the relationship and also leads to an unhappy marital life resulting in a divorce.

What are the main Signs of Divorce?

  1. The primary houses in JanmaKundali for predicting and analyzing the marital bliss or disharmony are the 12th house, 4th house, 8th house, and 7th house.

  2. The 4th house stands for happiness related to family and if it is afflicted then the person is likely to refrain from getting any sort of happiness from the family’s side. But if the Lord of the 4th house is well placed and also the 4th house is strong then the separation or divorce would not be the ultimate conclusion.

  3. The 7th house stands for marriage and relationships. If it is afflicted and the lord of the 7th house is also weak in nature then it extremely indicates that there would not be marital harmony in the relationship. If there is the absence of any kind of positive effect then it might lead to a divorce.

  4. The 8th house stands for the physical compatibility and love connection between couples. If in case, the 8th house is afflicted then it brings the negativity in marital alliance and because of the malefic aspects, either of the partners can get involved in an extramarital affair.

  5. The 12th house is also related to the sexual life of the couple. If in case, the 12th house tends to be afflicted then it indicates poor and unsatisfactory sex life and therefore there are chances that this relationship might end.

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Author: Rajendra Sarin | Created at: 08.10.2020


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