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As you are here in this article, I hope you already know about call boy jobs or male escort services in India. Here I am going to explain more details about the call boy job and how it is providing a way of living a high-class rich lifestyle.



Who doesn’t want to live a rich and classy lifestyle? But many of us can’t make it due to a lack of opportunities. Here in this article, I am going to about the call boys job, why it is called a new way of living a rich lifestyle, and how you can join a call boy job in India.

What is in a call boy job?

Before jumping directly into call boys services let’s understand who is a call boy?

In a simple sentence, a call boy is a person who exchanges their personal and private time for money. It can be for anything like giving a companion, giving sexual satisfaction to unsatisfied women. Call boy sex job is a job where you provide your escort service to women who need pleasure.


If you have any doubt regarding call boy jobs are legal or not then here is your answer. Yes, male escort service jobs are completely legal in India there is nothing to worry about it. Because there is nothing illegal if two people want to involved in sexual activity with their own will and until it was not in a public place.

How call boy jobs are a new way of living a rich lifestyle?

Now the question that prevails in everyone’s mind is why and how call boy jobs are a new way of living a rich lifestyle and how it is better than other jobs?

Call boy job is better than other jobs because of their benefits and capability of earning huge amount of money in a very short period of time. Here are some major benefits you will get from call boy job apply

Infinite Earnings

Here is the first and most important benefit of a callboy job is it give us the ability to earn as much as we want by just sharing some quality of your time with women. There are no limits to earn money in this job.

Live a classy lifestyle

Call boy jobs or Indian Male Escort gives you an opportunity to live with high society people and live a classy life as well, as most of the ladies who book male escort service are from high society. You can learn about the rich lifestyle from them and live a life like them.

Hooking up With Hot Women 

Nowadays most of the man wants money, love, and sex but three of them is quite difficult to get. If you are one of them who is unable to get this then, Gigolo Escort jobs are the best opportunity for you.

How to find and join?

Now you must be thinking about how you can find and join a play boy escort service in India. To make your work easy, we DesirePlayboys are open for you and are hiring male escorts in India.


Here is how you can apply it to call boys:


● Visit

● Agents will call you to clear all the terms and conditions

● Pay the fee online or through a bank

● Meet the client and finalize

● Pay the commission fee after the job is done

Finally, I want to conclude that call boy jobs are one of the best opportunities to make a huge amount of money in less period of time by fulfilling the demands of women. We DesirePlayboys, have call boy job vacancy in each and every city of India. Make sure to choose your respective city and join playboy escort service and flourish with flying colors. For more information grab your phone and visit Desire Playboys.

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Author: Rahul Kumar | Created at: 27.11.2020


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