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We all bother about people's opinions and what they think of us, we want people to like us. Especially at work, we want to be more impressive and more likable to others. Being nice, considerate, and a decent human being is key to let people like you. These things are true but there are some others many smaller, useful gestures and discreet things you can use at the workplace to people like you the most. Many assertiveness training courses teach the crucial things you can do that can have a huge effect on how others perceive you. Most of the ways are little techniques we know for a long time but never paid attention to it. These are a collection of ways that may seem silly and pointless to some extent, but once you copy down these techniques into your life they will leave strong significant impressions on others. Keep on reading to know the best ways to like you at work. Use names This is a human tendency to react fast when someone calls us by our name. We love to hear our name. Let's use names, learn some more names instead of your friends, manager, or your team leader's name. Smile We notice smile most of anything else, a smile is the first thing that we use to judge a person. So remember to smile with love and pleasant feelings. This provides a mark on your personality in other people's minds that is why go for the best online personality development course and learn how to put a great image on other people's minds using the smile as an effective tool. Listen with your full attention This is one of the easiest and practical approaches to making people like you. This approach works not only on the work floor but also in every area of life. You can cultivate the interest of others in you just using your body language signs like leaning your body towards the explainer. In this way, they will feel more confident and interested in you. Sincere compliments your assertiveness The most famous self-improvement expert Dale Carnegie mentioned in his every book the importance of authentic appreciation. Sincere compliments, authentic appreciation, and plentiful praises are the main concern of every assertiveness training courses. They emphasize the fact that people crave to listen to authentic appreciation and forsake flattery false compliments that they are likely to detect. Use questions instead of a direct order No one likes being bossed around. People hate bossy attitude, but what to do if you want something done? Giving orders is not the only way to get something done, the same result can reap with asking questions instead of giving orders. This all is covered in detail in assertiveness training courses. By getting the thing done in question form the outcome would be the same but attitude and feeling can vary. We hope you like the article on top ways to people like you at work. Thanks for reading.
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Author: priyal saxena | Created at: 29.06.2020


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