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Options to buy an old vehicle, know the best used car or second hand bike online, find the major difference between the old vs new, compare the price and seller discounts.

Planning to get a Vehicle like car or bike, but confused whether you should buy Second hand car online or a brand-new car, second hand bike online, or brand-new bike? Well, if you see through a financial perspective than buying an old vehicle online is the best deal.

Brand-new car or motorbike is maybe more attractive and its feeling like glamour which is not in their cars for second hand or the used two-wheelers like second hand super bikes. But believe one thing if you buy a pre-owned car you will save a lot of money. We’re not motivating you to move your thoughts to second hand but we are trying to say the truth. If you are rich and you believe in new things then you can buy a new vehicle.

The Major Difference between Used vs New Vehicle

All know that the new vehicles are looking gorgeous and feeling like new but second hand it sounds like too old, but the truth is there no major difference between the pre-owned bike or car and with the new one. The Differences are:

Used Vehicle

  1. The used vehicles like 2nd hand cars or 2nd hand bikes come with a depreciated price because it is, well, used.
  2. No tension for EMI, nobody can torcher you regarding the delayed payment.
  3. No fear about the drive, you can free to drive it anywhere.
  4. Servicing cost is too low and also you can modify it as much you required to modify it.
  5. You may get the discounts through the seller.
  6. Less documents are required.


New Vehicle

  1. The new vehicles are going to cost more, and if you include the finance plus tax and insurance you really getting the fact behind it.
  2. Through EMI, you may get torcher by the finance executive if getting late to pay the EMI.
  3. Have fear of the vehicle accident.
  4. After free servicing, you may pay a huge amount to service.
  5. No discounts in new vehicles, you may get fraud by an agent.
  6. More documents are required and processing is slow maybe.

Comparing the Price difference between cars and bikes

If you compare the price between the new cars with modified cars and new bikes with modified bikes definitely the second hand or modified vehicles play a vital role in this. You may get less than 50% price from the new one. Also, you will be free from insurance and EMI. Here check the second hand car price and second hand bike price near you.


Second hand vehicles near me

There are 100+ websites for buy or sell used cars and used motorcycles online. Are you staying in Bangalore? Here check the latest listings in Bangalore, you can get the vehicles at very cheap prices. The trusted site like Cifiyah, anywhere in India you can buy and sell your vehicle here at an affordable price. E.g., For Bangalore city, you should search for the best second hand cars in Mumbai and get the vehicle offers in Bangalore. Not only Bangalore you can check any city in India.

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Author: priya mehta | Created at: 12.01.2021


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