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3D printing technology is a revolutionary and innovative reality that is gaining more and more space in different market areas and life. It is becoming a fundamental tool for many industries to reduce costs and have faster production. One of the greatest advances with 3D modeling is in the automobile market. In this sector, industries are producing a whole 3D printed car or even a mass car part manufacturing. How is a 3D printed car made? What models are available on the market? Discover these and other information about the 3D universe in our post. We are sure you will be fascinated!

First of all, it requires a computer and a 3D printer, but most of all, it requires CAD software such as SolidFace – but what is CAD software?

The acronym CAD is for “Computer-Aided Design.” It is an indispensable technology for the current technical and industrial design to create, adapt, and optimize projects. Also called 3D modeling software, it could manage all the units of measurement, mathematical formulas, and shapes so the digital design can be printed. The demand to automate drawings and projects from the most diverse areas of science – Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mechanics, Surveying, among others- there was a technological advance focused on industrial designs, CAD being one of these technologies. Other forms of human-machine interaction, focused on the technical design are the CAM and CAE, respectively manufacture computer-assisted and computer-aided engineering.

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Author: Paulo Laurencio | Created at: 29.06.2020


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