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Escort marketing has become an important part of every call boy’s life. Every call boy grows in his career through his excellent marketing abilities. Here you will get an idea on how a call boy is takes the help of technology to flourish in his career.

Gigolo job has been a trending job nowadays. The job is now more trending in India because many people are joining as call boys. Because this is the best way to earn a lot of money in a short time. In India, the call boy service is fully legal. Most of the young boys want to work in this job because of unemployment and lack of opportunities everywhere.

Gigolo Job

Sometimes you must have heard about men hiring a male escort for satisfying their needs of physical pleasure by paying her in cash. These escorts who provide such services are called escort girls or male escorts. Now women are also hiring men for getting pleasure. And the person who provides this service is a call boy. In this job, usually, sexually unsatisfied girl avails the gigolo service.


If you are thinking about joining a play boy job then you should know about this job and how to earn money from this job. Many people face problems while joining a play boy company due to a lack of guidance and knowledge. But those who are thinking to enter this field I must say they are smart enough and are aiming high in their life.


Are You Fit For This?

There are no specific eligibility criteria for this call boy job. But some of the best and genuine sites have made some eligibility criteria for being a better gigolo. So here I will share some basic criteria which will be helpful to you for a call boy job apply.

Following are the main and basic criteria

Must not be a carrier of STD

Hygiene must be well maintained

Must be a drug addict

Should respect women

Well mannered

A good dressing sense

Many escort agencies maintain these above criteria while registering for the playboy job.

A scope for infinite earnings!!

Playboy job provide a wide variety of opportunities for many enthusiasts who are keen in making their career as a male escort service in India. There are a lot of benefits associated with a call boy profession in India. And to explain each and everything is a difficult job.

An opportunity for some extra income  

Money plays an important role in everyone’s life as it decides his or her fate. It has become an indispensible part of our life. Many people are choosing the Indian gigolo profession as a fulltime job or working as a part time escort boy to compensate their day to day demands and needs.

A partner solution for frustrated and single girls

Love is essential as it reduces all our stress and encourages us to work day and night. But there are many of us who never get a chance or have no one to share their feelings and emotions. It is mostly common in case of single girls and frustrated wives. They hire Indian gigolo to fulfil their desires and fantasies.

   How to find & Join?

Now you must be wondering about how you can find and join a gigolo service India pvt ltd. in India. To make your work easy, I have given you a small example where you get an idea to join a male escort agency of your choice.

Here is a brief guide for you:

● Visit the site

● Agents will call you to clear all the terms and conditions

● Go through each and every terms and conditions

● Register as a member

● Meet the client and finalize

● get paid after the job is done


Finally, I want to conclude that escort service is one of the best opportunities to make a huge amount of money in less period of time by fulfilling the demands of high profile women. We have call boy job vacancy in each and every city of India. Make sure to choose your respective city and join playboy escort service and flourish with flying colours. For better clarification you may visit Desireplayboys.




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Author: parvez rana | Created at: 26.02.2021


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