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Selling sex services can be very handy both in respect of getting very high income and a chance to meet with many high profile ladies of our society. Here in this blog I will be sharing my personal experiences and everything related to play boy jobs in India.

Who wouldn’t want to be paid well to do something that makes him as well as others feel good? I am a Mumbai male escort working in this industry for more than 2 years. In Mumbai call boy service is quite a lucrative job option for many. Every months more than hundreds of people are joining many escort companies or becoming an independent escorts. With the number escorts increasing, the competition among them is also increasing. Now days it has become extremely difficult for escorts in Mumbai to become a premium or a high class escort. Working as an Indian escort in Mumbai has always been quite enjoyable and empowering.    


Male escort jobs- A stigma or an honor


There has been always a negative stigma around the India sex industry. Everyone seems very reluctant and uncomfortable to discuss about call boy services. People often see these escorts as victims who are either forced into this works or are providing escort services against their will.

When I started my career in a male escorts job in Mumbai, I felt the same things and people found it very uncomfortable to hear about my jobs. But till now I am trying to break those stigmas and misconception of people about sexual jobs in India.


Why I became a sex worker?  

In my early childhood days I always aspired of becoming either a doctor or an engineer but never thought of becoming a male escort. Many of us are completely unaware of the benefits and the advantages associated with this sexy job. After working nearly for 2 to 3 years in a call boy job in Mumbai, I feel very sad about the misconceptions that people in our country have on the male escorts. I became a male escort Mumbai from my friend’s reference, who is also a male escort. Initially I felt quite nervous as these things were completely new to me. Some of my appointments were good some were bad. But it helped me to learn a lot of things.


How the country’s laws can affect you as a male escort   


In India there are no such laws to stop you working as a call boy. But there are certain restrictions. And every call boy should know about these restrictions as it will help them to avoid from any problems in future.


  • It is legal to provide escort services in big cities like Mumbai, but it is extremely difficult to find gigolo places in Mumbai where gigolo provides their services. They usually carry out their businesses in private away from the locals. Best escorts in Mumbai never disclose their identity as well as of their clients.
  • It is never illegal to do sex, but in places in India it is restricted to pay for it. So it is always better to avoid any coercion, exploitation or abuse.
  • Nowadays you get a number of platforms where you can advertise your profile and get many clients. Gone are those when you have to work indoors or in brothels have to risk your dignity.
  • Escorts generally try to keep their clients in safe. Many escort companies do a proper screening of their escorts before their meetings with the clients.


Best ways to get a playboy job in Mumbai  

Till now you might have realized, why it is always better to join a male escort agency rather than working independently. Now days it has become very simple to get call boy jobs Mumbai by simply visiting an escort website of a reputed gigolo club. You have the best chances to get a play boy job vacancies in Mumbai in these websites. Clients also visit these sites for call boy sex in Mumbai. Here they get all the top rated escorts in Mumbai and their world class services. Here I am providing a detailed guide that will help you to begin your escort career.   


  • Find the best gigolo club, by simply reading the feedbacks and reviews of the escorts as well as clients from their experiences of escort booking in Mumbai. You can get many review sites online. The best one is “Trust Pilot”.
  • After selecting a website, read some of the profiles of their premium escorts and try to frame your profile accordingly. It is always better to include all the popular male escort service Mumbai to make a good profile.
  • Read their terms and conditions and criteria’s to select their candidate. If you think you are eligible to join the company then only fill their registration form.
  • Provide all your original details like name, photo with proper proofs. Never give any wrong details to them as they will only hire you after proper verification.          
  • There is very high possibility to get direct calls from your clients post verification.


By following this easy steps and guides you can easily start to work at sex agencies.


So here is my experience of these jobs. You can get tons of blogs in the internet sharing negativities of these jobs, but it is up to you to decide what is right or wrong. If you really want to enroll yourself in a call boy job then here is the best chance for you. For more details on call boy job vacancies you can visit Desireplayboys.  



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Author: parvez rana | Created at: 09.12.2020


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