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Getting a whole home wifi network is not a problem anymore with the mywifiext Netgear wifi range extenders. These extenders offer faster speed, MU-MIMO feature, FastLane3 technology, great coverage range, same name wifi network, high quality HD video streaming, better gaming experience and a lot more. This is a whole package in one small device which can perform various functions for an easy living. Errors While Setting up the Extender There can be various errors that you may have to face while you try to setup your wifi range extender on You can see below if your issue is listed below. One of the errors come because of the outdated Firmware of the Range extender. This issue can be resolved easily by following some steps which will be provided here in this article. You can look for the issues you might face while setting up the extender – 1. The extender is placed far from the hose router and the connection is being established 2. The firmware of the extender is outdated 3. The web browser is of an old version 4. The internet connection is not of good enough quality and has much interference and lag 5. The wired connections are loose and the extender is not discoverable Steps for Firmware Update The firmware of the wifi range extender is quite necessary to be updated from time to time, especially when you need to setup the range extender. If it is not updated the setup will give problems and the extender will not be configured in the right way. The best way to know how to update the firmware of your extender is to follow the below given steps carefully – 1. Plug in your extender and let its power LED switch on. If the green power LED is not on you should check the connections and reboot the extender 2. Use the Ethernet cables and connect your extender to the computer 3. Open your web browser and either write the site address or type the IP address of the extender 4. On the next page you will see the login fields 5. Fill in the default credentials there and press login 6. Once you press login you will be taken to the setup page 7. On the setup page you will see a menu, click on it and go to firmware update or settings and firmware update 8. Click on check and it will start checking if there are any firmware updates available 9. If you see any available updates then click on it and the extender will update successfully 10. After the update you can reboot the extender and then proceed to configure it When the extender is successfully updated you can change its location to somewhere where it receives good wifi signals from the main router so that it can retransmit it with the same network name to all the areas of the house or office including the dead zones. Troubleshoot Issues All the steps to update the firmware about <a href="">Mywifiext Local</a> are given above in the article here but in case you are not able to update your wifi range extender successfully or are facing issues of any kind then you can call on the toll free number 1-855-394-0444 and the team will guide you.

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Author: Olivia Green | Created at: 28.03.2020


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