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Have you ever heard the word gigolo? I think most of you have heard it once in your life. But I also know that many of you still do not know about this field. So here I found a step-by-step guide on playboy jobs and How to Be a male escort in India.

If you are wondering, Who is a male escort in kolkata? What is their role? How much can you earn? And what are the benefits of joining the gigolo market in india? Here I give you a complete guide that can help you remove all your doubts about this job. Be sure to read it thoroughly so that you understand it well.

 Who is a call boy?

call boys in Bangalore also known as gigolo boy is a normal person like you and me but an expert in giving company to others. In a nutshell, Gigolos are people who give their time to someone in exchange for money. It could be physical satisfaction or just giving the company to them.

What is the real function of a call boy?

The real job of male escorts in Bangalore is to provide friendship. Sometimes people book a gigolo to work as dating or dance partners to have good habits and social skills. The male escort in Bangalore has also been booked for sexual services by women seeking men in India

How can you get an escort job in India?

Now the question is where can you get a call boy job in Bangalore or in your city ? It’s a little hard to find someone, who can help you join the call boy jobs in Bangalore in the real world. Since no one will tell you about this in public. But we will give you the best way to join the gigolo job.


 Here’s how to sign up for a call boy job -

  1.  Visit our website Desireplayboys.
  2.  Fill up the registration form and Upload your genuine Photos and Real Details.
  3. Confirm your email, phone and upload an Adhar card or Pan card to activate your Profile.
  4.  You will receive calls from customers especially Women who want gigolo sex in your City.
  5.  Go to the Meeting and get paid by your Client.
  6. To get Better service and Dedicated Services Contact Our Agents.

 What is the requirement to be a call boy in India?

Like other jobs, you do not need any kind of certification or degree to be a gigolo in Kolkata. But if you want to join Indian Call Boys jobs or gigolo job vacancy in India it has its own parameters or methods.


 Here are some important things to consider before applying for a gigolo service vacancy in India -


  1.  Candidate must know Hindi or ENGLISH.
  2.  The candidate must be polite and gentle.
  3.  Candidates must dress modestly.
  4.  The candidate must be clean and tidy.
  5.  Candidates must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  6.  The candidate should not be contacted by S.T.D.

 Job benefits of call boys in India -

There are many types of benefits you will get from Indian gigolo Pvt ltd jobs, as there is a wide range of this work. But here I am talking about the great benefits you will get from this male escort Kolkata or in your city -

1.Your bank account will no longer be empty -

The best part of this male escort service in Kolkata is it will allow you to earn as much as you want by giving your time. That means your bank accounts will no longer be empty.

2. Opportunity to meet beautiful Ladies -

A free call job can also give you a great opportunity to meet beautiful and hot ladies, as many of our clients come from high society or from wealthy families.

3.The best way to live a rich life -

This job of male escort Kolkata can be expensive and can open the door to a rich life. As you can make a lot of money happily in a very short time and you get the opportunity to live with people in a rich society.


To put it bluntly, This job is a great opportunity to make a lot of money and be happy in the short term. You can change your life completely by joining the Callboy jobs. To register or find more about you can visit Desireplayboys.


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Author: Siya Sarkar | Created at: 01.05.2021


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