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Call boy jobs are one of the most popular topics on the Internet. But many of you know nothing about the aspects of male escort work in India. So here in this article, I share all the details of the job, benefits, salaries, and job search for guys in one place.

Call boy jobs also known as playboy job or Male Escort Job is becoming so popular in a very short time. There are thousands of articles available on the Internet. But many people are still confused about it. So to allay your doubts here, I come up with a complete guide on Indian Escort Service or call boys jobs.

The actual description of Call boys -

Before we go into details about call boy activities, let’s talk about who is a playboy!


The persons doing call boy service are normal persons with an extraordinary ability to provide friends and support. People who want to make more money by spending their time often join playboy job careers to donate their work as a male escort.

The real work of Call Boys -

As you can understand from the name, playboy sex ‘services are similar to the girls’ escort services of providing sensual pleasure to many Indian men looking for Girls. As there are many types of high-profile ladies who are dissatisfied with their sexual lives, choose to meet their needs by booking the services of boys. Often gigolo India pvt ltd jobs are taken over by young unmarried girls, widows, divorced women, Dissatisfied Wives and Mothers, Women Entrepreneurs who want to be satisfied by men.

Benefits of call boy jobs -

Due to the increasing demand for gigolo job, the benefits of call boys are also increasing. There are many benefits to being a playboy. However, here I share some of the key benefits of the callboy work below -

1. You Will Never Lose Money -

The most important benefit of a call boy sex job is, it can give you the right to earn as much as you can without giving up your time. As there is a huge demand for gigolo boys among wealthy women.

2. Get a chance to stay in the High-class Society -

Most of the time the call boys are hired by rich Indian women who are looking for a man in India, So by fulfilling their needs, you get a chance to get to know them and live in a higher society with them.

3. Daily contact with hot and sexy ladies -

Who does not want to find happiness in life? By joining the playboy company you get the opportunity to meet and hook up with hot and lovely ladies every day. As most of the customers come from a high and beautiful community.


There are many other benefits you will receive after registering as a male escort.

How much does a callboy earn from his job?

Here is the part of the article that you have been waiting for from the beginning. Everyone wants to be paid for their work. By joining the gigolo service vacancy in India you can earn from 10000 to 30000 or more by filling the need of your client. One thing is for sure, you will earn tons of money by doing a free call boy job.

Demand for call jobs in India -

With the growth of the economy and high society, the demand for playboy sex jobs is growing rapidly day by day. There are many dissatisfied and wealthy women who choose to fulfill their needs and their desire for a thoughtful boy. The graph of call boy job apply online is rising day by day. So this is the perfect time to join the callboy sex work in India.

How can you find and join a call boy job?

After knowing all the details about hiring boys or gigolo sex jobs now you should think about how you can get and join one to get all these benefits!


So by making your job easier here, a great platform Desireplayboys, one of the leading and loyal providers of Gigolo services in all the major cities of India opening our process of joining playboys like you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go for call boy job apply -


● Visit our website and register as Gigolo.

● Register as a playboy by providing your personal information.

● Add your latest photo.

● Verify your profile with a valid ID.

● For premium membership, pay the fee.

● Mention your services and expenses.


By following this process you can easily join the men’s escort service in any city in India.

Finally, I want to conclude, The gigolo sex services are one of the best opportunities in today’s world to make huge money by meeting the need of women who want Indian boys. By joining today you will receive thousands of benefits and earn money. For more information and registration visit our website Desireplays.


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Author: Siya Sarkar | Created at: 11.01.2021


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